It’s Monday and I am here.  I’m a little worn out from the weekend: the gym, a very late Saturday night, and an all day of fun in the sun Sunday.  But, I was able to get in seven hours of sleep last night, so I say to today, let’s get on with it.  It’s the last week of school, yeah!  My boy though, isn’t feeling well.  He woke up with a sore throat and is exhausted.  I’m letting him get a bit more sleep before dragging him out of bed and to his last bit of studying and work.  Good thing he doesn’t have much.  I’m sure it’s allergy related, it is that time of the year over here, and I’m feeling the effects of the extra pollen in the air myself.

Moving on to what this post is really about, Me Made May.  Week three is in the archives and here I have what I wore for it: three different outfits, with two days of non me-mades – meaning gym clothes and yard clothes only – and one day of something new.


I didn’t feel like ironing last week, so I stuck with a couple of skirts and the black dress you see on the left.  The only disadvantage to making mostly only cotton dresses is all the ironing that is involved when you want to wear something.  I don’t usually mind it, but every once in awhile, I don’t feel like it.

I worked on the center dress on and off throughout the week, finding little bits of time here and there.  It came out well, and once I get a few decent pictures I will head over to the Monthly Stitch and get my post up.  It’s for May’s challenge and I am right on time with completing it.  There will be more details on that dress to come.

Nine more days left of May, and I am hoping to have a good finish with the rest of this month.  I have plenty left to wear, so let’s see how well I do.

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