I Had a Good Hair Day…

Saturday’s are my best hair days.  They are usually the only day I wash, blow dry, AND style my hair all in the same hour.  Since I was feeling particularly good about this usually not so good feature of mine, I thought I’d make the best of it and get a few pictures taken.  Oh, wait I just so happened to have been wearing my newest bought dress that day also.

It looks like a pirate dress you say?  Well, ha ha, that is because it is!  What?!  I will explain because pirate-style dresses aren’t usually my thing.

I spent way too much time at Kohl’s a couple weeks ago and as I was making my way to the registers, there was a mannequin that caught my eye.  It was wearing this really pretty, flowy looking black, white, and red dress with lace.  Several of my favorite combos all in one dress.  I had to try it on.  Low and behold, said dress had a Pirates of the Caribbean label on it.  I literally laughed out loud!  Never did I think I’d be wanting to wear a Disney pirate dress.  Well, I liked it so much, I bought it.  Hi, I am Erika, and I sometimes wear a pirate dress.

I have taken a bit of u-turn with my fit and flare style of me-made dresses lately.  It’s not that I don’t like them anymore or that I am not making them (see Summer Girl Sundress here), it’s that I am revisiting the skirt side of my closet these days, and long and flowy is a style I surprisingly still seem to have a bunch of.  Once I started regularly making dresses, I forgot about over half of my wardrobe.  It’s been nice wearing some of these old outfit styles I used to like, and it was nice buying a new dress that wasn’t fit and flare or short.  If I can get back to regularly posting outfit posts, you may get to see a few more similar to this.

Weird smile may or may not be present in future outfit posts to come…