I don’t know why, but I just can’t get my dates right lately.  Once again, I found myself writing 2016.  This happened a few weeks ago and I even published my post as such.  I changed it after the fact and messed up my blog link.  So, to those of you who felt like you had missed something from me, maybe that is what happened.  Any who… I missed last week completely.  Hands up if you noticed.  I feel asleep, really, and I think that is the first time ever that I have just fallen asleep like that.  I was unwinding from the day, just got done with dinner, went to my bedroom to relax a bit before the day was over – something I do every Friday – and then woke up at midnight, clothes still on, but the house was dark.  My boy so kindly, after noticing both my guy and I were out, let the dog outside, locked the doors, and turned off all the lights.  I felt so bad when I woke up and saw the clock.  If I ever wake up and see the clock, I know something isn’t right.  I wear contacts and take them off every night before bed.  I can’t just look over and see the clock under normal circumstances.  And that is what happened to last week’s post.  All those early mornings got to me.

I can catch you all up pretty easily though.

The biggest wind chime I ever did see, and I didn’t even ring it.

I last wrote about being in Jackson while my boy was in driver’s ed.  I spent two days killing six hours while he was in class.  I went shopping one day – Kohl’s is a pretty easy place for me to kill time – and then did my biweekly grocery shopping the next day, after spending some time walking around the park and seam-ripping a zipper in said park after my walk.  It was a really nice week early last week and early this week, weather wise.  Also, there was some deep down cleaning of my kitchen that I finally got out of the way – it had been too long!

Highlights of last week were that park day, a few new bits of clothes, some new material, and a pattern or two for future dressmaking projects.

Back yard bouquet

Also, there were flowers.  I kind of really like those black-eyed Susans growing in my yard these days.  They are still around and I have a couple others that showed up: these liatris flowers that were once in pots but then got transplanted into the ground.  Another thing that has survived the week-wacker this year.

This week was another that kept me pretty busy and away from the computer for most of it.  Tonight is the first time I have logged on all week.  Here’s a little look at what was going on:

green bean picking

muscadine vine spraying
Spider finding while on dog walks – my friend tells me it’s a trap door spider.  Ug, is all I have to say about it.
blackberry picking
group baby-quilt making

I also started some peach wine this morning, but somehow forgot to take a picture.  If you’ve seen one pic of the fruit press set up, you’ve probably seen them all, me thinks.  And there was a trip to the lake to swim for a few hours with friends, but not really any pics of that either.  (Note to self, take a few more pics next week.)

And that brings me to right now.  My bedroom is calling my name.  It’s been another long week and I need to catch up on some beauty sleep.  Maybe it’s such a thing?  I hope so anyway.

Until next time…  Have a great weekend!

2 Replies to “The 25th and 26th Friday of 2017”

  1. So like your muscadine spraying get up. 🤓 Glad you enjoyed your time while your son took his drivers ed classes. How soon will he get his license?


    1. Ha ha! Thanks! The oversized white t-shirt helps with my sunburn prone skin and the socks help keep the bug bites down some. At least it wasn’t as hot/humid last week as it is this week. 🙂


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