​In keeping with my theme, I will still use Friday in the post title even though we are already well past it seeing it is now Tuesday of the next week.  I was dragging my feet writing this one up, guys.  I am tired!  I have spent the last two days in a row away from home pretty much the whole day.  My boy is taking driver’s ed and it’s in the neighboring big city, so I have been killing time waiting while he is in class.  My mornings have been starting earlier and I am still going to bed just as late.  I’m running on four hours of sleep today and a nap sounded much better than catching up on last week; but, nevertheless, I will write on…

Last week was a good, summery one.  Monday my boy and I went out to the property to see if there was anything we could do.  It’s probably time to spray (we are trying neem oil spray this year to help combat the bugs, fungi, and such), but when we walked through the rows all we heard was buzzing.  The bees were very actively working the blooms and we aren’t supposed to use the spray when that is going on.  We decided to give it another week or two and try again.  I came home and finished that dress I wrote about yesterday and picked some blueberries.

Tuesday, we swam.  It was the first lake day outing of the year and I wasn’t prepared for it.  I could not find my swimming stuff at the last minute, because I waited until then to get my stuff together.  And since it was really my first couple of hours in the sun this year, I got my first sunburn.  I put sunscreen on, but still came home pink on my shoulders and a little on my back.  I so didn’t want that to happen, but it is what it is and hopefully next time my skin will be a little more adjusted for the sun time.  I’m still pretty white even after that little bit of pink went away.

Wednesday, hmm, I can’t remember what happened on this day.  I probably tried to clean house and do laundry.  Thursday, I do remember though.  My boy got his driver’s license.  We wanted to wait until he had finished driver’s ed, but his permit was close to expiring and we didn’t want to wait and do that at the last minute should he have to take the test again.  He did well, and he can now drive without us.  Although not just just yet cause he needs the driver’s ed certificate before we put him on our insurance as a regular driver.  He did get a little taste of driving alone, however, when we let him drive to the property to stay the night with the cousins.  I cried a little when he drove off.

Friday was another big day for the teenager of the house.  He is a pretty avid tumbler, and we were able to get him a spot at a tumbling clinic with YouTube famous tumblers.  It was in Union City, which is an hour and a half away, so that took up a good part of this day.  I’d say the group was a little impressed with Ethan, and he was doing things at a much higher skill level than they are used to coaching at events like this.  He even got to do a few tumbling passes with them, and I’m pretty sure some footage of Ethan from the evening will be on one of their upcoming vlog posts.  I will share the link if and when it comes up.

Those are the summed up highlights of my last week.  I moved all of the pictures on my computer to another storage drive and deleted lots and lots of what had made my computer full.  It’s working better with free space now so I don’t reckon I will have any excuses for this Friday’s post not being on time.  (Note to my guy: I still want a new computer though.)

I will be back soon, and thanks for reading!


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