It’s not everyday I get excited about a pair of shoes, but these shoes are a pair to get excited about.  Number one reason, they fit!  It rarely happens that I find a pair that I like that fit.  I’m a little ole’ size 5, and all the pretty shoes almost always start at a size 6.  Shoe shopping is not easy for those of us with small feet, is it?

I was worried about not having the time to finish a dress to wear for an upcoming wedding (two days away now), and then when I found a back up dress, I was a little worried of not having a pair of shoes to wear with it.  I took to the internet, specifically Mod Cloth, and searched for the perfect pair to match my new dress.  I have told myself in times past that if I ever do find a pair of pretty shoes in my size, just get them.  I may not wear them right away, but you never know when the chance will arise.  I don’t look for pretty shoes very often.  I am happy I found these, cause I kind of put that finishing touch to the outfit off to the last minute.  Have I learned anything?  Yes, special occasion outfits, shoes, and their accessories need to be thought out in advance.  Special occasions don’t happen near enough in my life, ha ha!  Live and learn.

The price was alright, the shipping was quick, and they fit well.  They are a little on the stiff side (as expected of new shoes), but I’ve already been wearing them around the house in hopes of having them somewhat broken in by Thursday.  Very last minute, I’d say, but hey, the shoes fit!!

I’m getting my hair cut today.  The wedding is on Thursday.  No regrets allowed.

Outfit post, with shoes, soon to come…


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