Week One of Me-Made-May 2015

It is Monday, once again, and instead of showing you all my latest and greatest sewing project, I am showing you some of my sewing projects from days past.  (And telling you all way more than you wanted to know about what I did last week.)  There’s this little thing called Me Made May going on in the interweb world this month, and I just so happen to be taking part in it.  Week one has come and gone, and so it’s time to see what I’ve been wearing.

Like I recently said, I have been wanting to do more outfit posts, well, here’s one.  Actually, it’s more than just one, it’s seven days worth of outfits all in a nice little round-up style post.  Plus almost 900 words to go with it.  Enjoy!

You all got a glimpse of day 1, 2, and 3 over here, so next on the list:


Monday, May 4th:  I spent the day close to home and besides school work, I ran a couple of errands.  I wore this outfit for about half of the day because after I did my running around, I made a lunchtime stop at the gym so that I could start the week off with some weights.  After that, there was more school to do, and then the regular around the house stuff, but I was pretty much in gym clothes for the rest of the day.  Once dinner was ready, I made my way back to the gym for a couple of evening classes and called it a night.


Tuesday, May 5th.  It was my traveling school day and I wore my Nothing But Time dress.  Tuesdays are by far my busiest days of the week.  After school it’s home briefly before taking my boy to his piano lesson and then off to the gym for a couple of hours.  Then home for dinner and cleaning up.  Sometimes, I don’t really like Tuesdays, and this Tuesday was not the best.


Wednesday, May 6th.  Today started bright and early for me, and I wore this brightly colored skirt that I made a few years back.  The boy and I left the house before my guy did for work.  We, and our school group, met in the state park for our yearly school pictures before we got started with our regular day.  It was nice to get a little bit of outside time before sitting down to book work and such.  I changed briefly for the gym then back into this for the boy’s gymnastics class.  Another long day, but way better than yesterday.


Thursday, May 7th.  I wore my least favorite outfit of the week and had my least favorite day.  I was not comfortable in this skirt, I don’t really like long skirts as much as I used to.  I am thinking this one will be headed to the sewing room for a bit of a make-over.  About the day, I had shopping to do and when I got to pay, realized my wallet was missing.  Then, the boy and I butted heads for a bit.  I was stuffy from allergies and when we finally got home and my wallet was found, I lay down for about 45 minutes hoping to wake up with the both of us having a better attitude.  It was only slightly better.  I made it to the gym, met my guy there, and worked out some of my stress.  The day did finally end alright.


Friday, May 8th:  I wore my shortened, velvet skirt that I had made years back for breakfast with my dad, and then back to town to get the rest of the stuff I didn’t get yesterday because my wallet was missing.  (By the way, it was found under the seat of my car that was at home, cause I was driving the truck the day before.)  Anyway, I never like going to Walmart, and it’s even worse when you have to go two days in a row.  While I was there, I got my hair trimmed.  This trim of ‘two inches’ ended up being way more than two when it was all said and done.  I am glad I had the lady style it, because I walked out of the salon actually feeling good about how it looked.  I was ready for a bit of a change in the hair department anyway.


Saturday, May 9th: Meet for fellowship and Bible study.  It was nice, relaxing, and wonderful to see and spend the day with great friends.  I can’t complain about anything of this day!  Wore my first make of Simplicity 2444.


Sunday, May 10:  The Red Pineapple dress worn for the day in Nashville.  The three of us had a great time and it was a very relaxing, fun-filled day.  This evening I bottled wine and worked on another 6 gallons that I have going.  As is always the case, I was not ready for Sunday to be over and Monday to begin.  I don’t mind Mondays once they start, but it does always seem they show up too soon.

There you go, what I wore, and a whole week of what I did.  I’ll be back next Monday for week two of Me Made May.


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