It’s All Coming to an End…


…the school year that is.  One more week!  My boy was reminding me yesterday how he thought this time last year was way busier than this year.  I don’t agree.  For me it seems one day blends into the next, and there is just so much to do every second of every day.  I am exhausted, and I will be so very happy for this time next week when it will all be done with for several months.

All of that aside, it wasn’t a bad week.  The one I had last week was worse.  We made a nice trip up to Nashville on Sunday, as I mentioned briefly in my last post.  We went to the IMAX theater and then downtown to eat pizza.  It was fun!  And even though we were about 100 miles from home for half of the day, we still found the time to do yard work and bottle wine that evening.


Fourteen more, wait twelve more bottles have been added to the collection of homemade wine.  It was fourteen, but then we opened up a bottle to try it out and ended up liking it so much, we had to have one more.  Last night, my guy was asking if we should open another one, but I reminded him of a different kind that we had in the closet we could try.  So twelve will be the amount we end up labeling.  Nine, or eight, of which will probably end up at home in the closet.  It seems like three gallons of wine doesn’t stick around that long.

Since the school year is almost over, I am starting to think about what I want to do this summer.  Spending days at the pool is the only thing on my boy’s list as of right now, but I am trying to think of some things that I want to do.  No doubt, there will be our annual zoo trip, and then I am hoping for lots of extra time to exercise.


I’m contemplating another go at P90X, or even running a couple of days at the lake.  The only thing I dislike about running outdoors is the fact that it will just be another reason to have to wear sunscreen.  I don’t like sunscreen.  I burn, and I don’t use the chemical stuff, so what I do use is mostly mineral based.  It is thick, and white, and a pain to put on.  Once I get a little bit of a tan going though, I should be fine to start substituting with coconut oil.  But that pretty much makes everything about me look greasy.  It is great for my skin though, so I should stop complaining.  And I should get back on topic, which is what to do this summer…

One other thing that I need to do, maybe not want to do, is some organizing.  We’ve been in our house for almost 8 years, and in that time we have accumulated some stuff.  Lot’s of things have filled up empty spaces and I have more clutter than I would like.  I need to do something about this.  I am thinking to tackle a room a week.  It is doable, and is definitely past needing to be done.


Those couple of things on my list aren’t really in the category of fun – are exercising and cleaning ever fun? – but they are necessary.  I need to spend a little time thinking about some fun things that I want to do.  Making wine and sewing of course are on that list.  I’ve got gardening on there too, which some days is more fun than others.  I guess there’s more things that I still need to come up with.

I will end my thoughts there.  I’ve got this day to get to.  School work, grocery shopping, cooking, etc.  I better get started.  But before I go, what kind of summer activities do you all have planned?  Give me some ideas.


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