Catching Up on a Monday…


I was nowhere to be seen the last part of last week – as far as internet presence goes that it.  There was so much going on in my little life, I can hardly get all the details together now.

Monday may have been the most regular day of the whole week now that I am thinking back on it.  The boy and I did school, as normal, and then we stopped out at the family property for a few hours.  That evening, after the gym and dinner, I racked wine and did my usual Monday night routine of getting ready for Tuesday’s out of town day of school. Tuesday thru Thursday is where things went a little differently than planned.


Tuesday, I was home and did get a chance to get a little extra work around the house out of the way.  That evening, my guy had a work event so there was that.    Then came Wednesday, picture and field trip day.  The end of the year school pictures were canceled, but we did manage our final field to the trampoline park.  It was somewhat of a disappointment, for the teachers anyway.  You see, last time we went all the parents that wanted to got to participate, but this time it was the children only who were able to jump.  What made it different before was the fact that it was winter break, so anyone was able to jump then.  It ended up fine, but the day had already started off in a bit of disarray.


Wednesday morning, before the field trip, my friends’ little baby, that we now know, started to make her way into the world.  It took the rest of the week for this little one to make her debut, but during that time, there were schedules being rearranged, and several back and forth trips to the hospital to try and help out in any way that we could.


Thursday, the boy and I made a trip to Memphis to see my mom and my aunt for a few hours before they headed on their way home.  When family is around, a trip to the zoo is usually a normal occurrence.  It was a beautiful day to be out walking in the sunshine, and there were lots of animals out to be seen.  It was also payday, so the trip to Memphis was profitable for warehouse grocery shopping as well.

Friday, the boy and I did nothing but school.  I hardly did any of my normal, Friday domestic duties, but I wasn’t too torn up about not having to clean.  Then there was the weekend.  We saw our friends, the new parents, and their new little baby.  And yesterday, it was all spent at the park playing softball, eating way too many chips, and enjoying some wonderful company.

And that’s what I’ve been up to.  Oh, yes, and one other thing, our deck and fence are all nice and finished being painted red, as you may have noticed in the background of my last post.  So I am now ready to start working on making the rest of the back yard look better.  But as it always is when it comes to landscape and decoration, I don’t know where to begin…

Well, that’s it from me for today.  I’m off to get the school part of my week started… Have a good one, everybody!


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