The Thursday Thrift // April

thrifted fashion

thrifted fashion

Finally it is really feeling like spring outside, and there are some nice green leaves in my background.  Also in my background, our newly painted deck.  It is red, and I love it!  Everyone knows what color combination goes with red, don’t they?  White and blue, of course.  I promise this pairing was completely unintentional.  I actually am not a fan of red, white, and blue together.  But for today, I don’t think it looks that bad.

This dress has shown up on the blog before, but it was never the main attraction.  I wore it way back when I participated in my first ever, blogged about shoe challenge.  So today, let me tell you a little bit about it.  It was a yard sale find, and it was found on a very successful yard sale day!  Those don’t happen very often for me.

It has gotten some wear here and there, but my problem was always finding a matching sweater.  I never had one, so the closest I ever came was with a neutral, beige colored one.  I was never really happy with how I thought that combination looked.  Then one day, I found a whole table of sweaters on sale at Target, so I bought several, and white happened to be one of the colors that I came home with.  I specifically had this dress in mind when I picked it out, and now I have no problems matching my sweater with my dress.  It is wonderful when situations such as these work themselves out.  Now, to find a better pair of shoes to wear with the outfit…

Details:  Sweater – Mossimo Supply || Dress – Merona (thrifted) || Shoes – Doc Martens (ebay) || Sunglasses – Ray Bans || Necklace – Contempo Casuals (very old)

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