I Don’t Just Make Wine…

naked wines

Every now and then, I will drink it too.  I have been spending some of my free time lately in the kitchen, but I am not cooking all the time that I am in there.  Sometimes, I make wine, and sometimes I drink it.  I have mentioned this wine making hobby of mine a time or two before, and don’t usually go into too much detail about it – I am saving the details for my wine making blog when it gets up and running – but recently my guy and I have been sampling wines from other sources.  A couple of months back a friend gave us this voucher for a wine website.  This actually came around right when we were considering joining some type of wine of the month club.  This site the card was for isn’t exactly like that, but it was a start at something similar, so we greatly accepted the offer and got online to order our wine.


We went with one of the introductory offers just to see what it was all about, and then from there we would decide if we wanted to continue on with it.  This offer came with a preselected variety of wines, and since we really aren’t wine snobs or anything like that, it seemed like it would be good enough for us.  Plus, it was the cheaper of the packages.  We mostly stick to reds when we pick out our own wine, and this had a nice selection of whites mixed in with it, so it gave us a good opportunity to expand our tastes.


These are all bottles that you won’t find in stores.  It kind of gives you a feeling of exclusivity!  Plus, I can appreciate providing for and supporting local winemakers.  Who knows, I may one day be a local winemaker myself.  It didn’t take long for our order to arrive and we have been steadily trying them out since.


With all of the wine I have been making, I have had the need to transform my extra closet into a wine closet, so I had the space to store all 12 of these bottles, and it really is neat to have a selection of wines to chose from when we are feeling like a glass or two in the evenings.  I have been very happy with all of the wines that we received, with the exception of one.  There was nothing wrong with it, I just didn’t like the after taste.  Maybe it came from a newbie winemaker, and the recipe is still in the fine tuning stage… or not.  I do know a thing or two about the fine tuning stage, well, kind of, I guess.  I am only on my third batch of fresh from the field wine, and my recipes are probably gonna need plenty of fine tuning before I am confident enough to pass them out to strangers.


The site we ordered from is called NakedWines.com, should anyone be interested in looking into it for themselves.  This is not a promotional post or anything like that, just an excuse to write something about wine.

And a little update on our wine making blog, it is being worked on.  I just sorted all the pictures related to our vineyard, and currently my guy is messing around with layouts and such.  We are very much newbies in the wine making department, so as of right now, there are more pictures than words.  Don’t worry though, when it is all up and running I will be sure to pass on the link.

2 Replies to “I Don’t Just Make Wine…”

  1. I took a look at the website and it is fantastic! Such a great way to pick out the wine that is right for you.
    But I do have 1 question, I am fairly new to the “wine world” I’ve tried a couple white wines but want to expand more. What do you suggest trying? (Either whites or reds)

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    1. I’m not really familiar with whites. I know I’ve come across a few I really like though. One of my favorite red wines is an old vine Zinfandel. Just start off trying different varieties. If you like wine, it won’t take long before you come upon a favorite. 😊

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