The Last Friday of April

I really had no hope of getting on here to write anything up this Friday, but between the dishes and the laundry, I found a few minutes to make my regular Friday appearance and give a quick little run down of the week.  (These Friday posts tend to be more of a diary style if anything, and maybe they are mostly for me, but I like writing them nonetheless.)

backyard blooms
backyard blooms

Part of the reason I was certain I wouldn’t be online today was because of all of the yard work that had to be done.  I have put it off long enough and this morning was THE morning to get to some of it.  I am a couple of weeks behind my neighbor, so no keeping up with the Jones’s over here.  My blueberries, grapes, and house have all been mowed around.  Plus, the two bare root plants that I bought a couple of weeks ago are finally in dirt.  Then there were some weeds to tackle, and a couple things I needed to do before we get our fence and deck painted.  Yes, it was a busy morning.  I also made a trip to the cabin for some wine equipment that I will be needing this weekend.  I have plans for Sunday already!

cabin blooms
cabin blooms

As for the rest of the week, it was normal.  I spent my regular couple of hours a day at the gym with the exception of today.  HIIT classes are still going on, as well as the dance aerobics classes, and the weight lifting.  And I am moving up the weight stacks.  I did my heaviest seated shoulder presses and leg presses this week, which as far as the shoulders go, isn’t saying much because I have always been weak in the shoulder area, but with the leg presses, I am up to 200 pounds.  I am very happy about that, but have had sore knees and legs for most of the week because of it.  I kind of like being sore though, it makes me feel like I am making progress.


I found some time to make a trip to the state park on Thursday and the boy and his cousins got to spend some time together doing things other than book work.  It was a beautiful day so the time outside was wonderful.  Also, as you may have read about, I found some time this week to make a dress.  I completely jumped my sewing queue, but that is alright with me.  I’m sure I will be able to get to one of the ones on the list sometime this next week.  Maybe, unless I come across some more new fabric at Walmart that has to be turned into something immediately…

Outfit outtake, plus look how nice the deck and fence look after being power-washed!
Outfit outtake, plus look how nice the deck and fence look after being power-washed!

I think that is about all the highlights from my week.  One other thing that was kind of a big deal that I touched on slightly, our deck and fence.  We had it power-washed last weekend, and if the weather cooperates, we are getting it stained this weekend.  I have wanted to have this done, with the deck at least, for as long as we’ve had it.  I am excited it is finally happening.  I am even more excited by the fact that we don’t have to do it ourselves.  After our painting project of 2014, I hope I don’t have to paint house related things ever again.

That was my week and I am almost at a point where I can call it over with.  I am off.  Now to make my bed and put those clothes away before dinner.  There is a new restaurant in town and we are gonna try it out.  There aren’t many places to eat in this town we live, but maybe this will be one worth going back to… I hope so.


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