Three Years Later…


My boy’s room is finally painted!  It really did take three whole years to get this little project taken care of.  Not that we started and then three years later it is done, but rather, three years of thinking about how this was something we needed to do.  All this time I was worried it was gonna be more of a job than I was prepared for – I think I have only painted a wall twice in my life – and you know what?  It was more of a job than I thought it would be.  It was for me at least.

Had we gone with a color closer to what was already on the wall, this wouldn’t have been so bad is my contention.  The room was a light greyish white color.  Instead, we went bold with a dark stand out blue.  Now that it is all said and done, it looks great and my boy is truly happy, but it was a long three days for me.  We started slightly under-prepared.  No drop clothes, only a couple of very old, and very thin, sheets plus some makeshift drops out of trash bags; and, well, really that was the biggest problem in my eyes.  This blue paint when dripped, definitely left it’s mark, and thin sheets are just that, thin.  And trash bags, well they are plastic and stick to your feet.  My slightly OCD-self was constantly checking to make sure all of the painting was being done over the sheets/trash bags, which weren’t really big enough.  This was only a problem for one day, and once we got enough coverings, it was all smooth sailing from there, kind of – or should I say smooth painting?

It was a long three days though, and almost three coats of work.  I observed mostly, until the end.  My job was then to go back over the brush work around the edges of some of the room.  The part of this project that looks the worst, is probably the part that I did.  I think clean up crew is more of my job description.  The boy is happy nonetheless, and he was happy with how it looked even before we were done – teenagers don’t care about perfection I am noticing.  Even though perfection isn’t what we ended up with, it still looks wonderful and both my guy and the boy did a great job.  And even better, they put up with me during the whole project.

Next, the trim and the ceiling are gonna have to be painted.  For some reason we never thought to have the ceiling painted when we were having the house done, oh, and now there is a little bit of blue here and there that needs to be covered up.  Guess who made that mistake?  Surprisingly, it wasn’t I!  These aren’t on the top of the to do lists as of right now though, so I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that there is no more painting in my near future.

What we need to do now is purchase some things with which to decorate the room.  The shopping part of this project, and it’s definitely something I know I won’t have any problems with.  🙂

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