Friday Five

Good morning to all you out there on the internet.  Who else is happy that it’s Friday?  What a great, busy week it has been!  But not too busy that I am not able to be sitting here typing away for a bit before I get started with what lies ahead.

So, this Friday’s Five – it’s becoming more and more of a regular post here lately, isn’t it?  That’s absolutely fine by me, and hopefully you all won’t mind me going on a bit about the highlights of my week.

muscadine grapes

1.  The harvest has just begun.  The muscadine harvest that it.  The blueberries and blackberries have all come and gone but the muscadines are making their way into my freezer now.  A couple of weeks ago, we got a few handfuls, but this last weekend was the first big picking.  And big picking this year, was almost three gallons in one day.  Maybe not that many, but I am happy for the slow start to this whole operation.  Come this time next year, I reckon there will be much more on the first day’s harvest.  (We do have over a hundred vines, after all!)  These three gallons will have some more added to them in the next couple of weeks, and I am definitely sure I will have plenty for the first of my very own, vine-ripened batch of wine.  Really, it is pretty exciting!

school work

2.  A successful first two weeks of school.  This part of my life is going very well.  The work is easy, the grades are great, and everyone involved seems happy – as far as I know at least.  I know the first few weeks are the easiest, but the transition back into the routine of it all can be kind of hard at the same time.  No complaints from me about getting back into this year’s routine.

3.  A clean house.  This is just really making me happy this week.  With the back to school schedule and spending more of my time away from home, it is making things much easier to keep up with at the house.  Not as much time around here to make messes.  Even the after dinner mess has been kept under control, and for once on a Friday, I don’t have a mountain of laundry to tend to.  How that happened this week, however, I don’t know, because we are still wearing just as much clothes… Oh, well, it’s all good!

home decor

4.  A little more decorating.  Oh, how I wished I lived next to an Ikea store.  But since I don’t, I hit friends and family up for stuff when they are close to one.  This week, I got another great big poster sized frame for one of the prints that we had made a couple of years back.  It was just sitting in the corner of the room, all rolled up waiting for a frame to come along.  Well, the wait is no more and we have added another something to our living room wall.  I got a little kick of inspiration because of it, and now I can’t wait for payday so that I can go lamp shopping… Or, not.  I do have a nice sized fabric cart over at  Lamps or dress material?  The hard decisions, right?

5.  And lastly for this week, it’s the end of August.  I am happy about this because it means that it is the end of this year’s shoe challenge.  I have only two pairs left to go and three days left to wear them, it is down to the wire, but absolutely doable.  I will have my last round-up post all about that on Monday.

That is all for me for now.  I have some grocery shopping and shoe saving to do, so until next time…  Have a great weekend!

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