purple Doc Marten bootsShoe Challenge

My Shoes Have All Been Worn, Again!

Hi, everyone!  I have some happy shoe news for today’s blog post.  My 2013-2014 Shoeperwoman Shoe Challenge has come to an end.  I have been making every effort possible in the last couple of weeks to get the final pairs worn and saved to see another day.  I did it, and I am happy to report only one pair of shoes didn’t make the cut.

Here they are, my final shoe saves:

purple Doc Marten boots

Shoe Save 30 – the purple Doc Marten boots

wedge espadrilles

Shoe Save 31 – Colin Stuart espadrille wedges

Doc Marten Boots

Shoe Save 32 – Some more Doc Marten boots


Shoe Save 33 – Steve Madden espadrille wedges

Shoe Save 34 - Colin Stewart wedges

Shoe Save 34 – Colin Stewart wedges

Shoe Save 35 - the red spray painted heels

Shoe Save 35 – the red spray painted heels

Shoe Save 36 - the pretty ones.  Charlotte Russe wedges

Shoe Save 36 – the pretty ones. Charlotte Russe wedges

I know I cut it kind of close this time around, but I got it done.  There were a couple of pairs that the weather made impossible to wear for very long, but they did get worn even if for a short amount of time.  It was nice that I was able to keep my shoes in constant rotation by giving myself the challenge to wear them all once again.  After three times doing this though, I am fine with those few pairs that I don’t wear that often staying in the closet for a little while.  I have definitely decided which shoes are the keepers🙂

Thanks for putting up with one more year of me showing you all my shoes.  This year’s Shoeper Shoe Challenge is now finally complete!


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  1. Congratulations on completing your challenge. I love those Colin Stewart wedges! I didn’t finish it this year, I just found it too stressful with all my uni exams and everything, it was then such a relief not having to pick a particular pair that needed saving and instead just wear what I want. I found that I was keeping pairs unworn thinking they would be easy to save later (flat shoes, wedges) but then it turned out I was missing out not wearing the shoes I love just because I was trying to save a different pair. I love the idea of the challenge, and the first two times I thought it was great but now I think it just isn’t for me anymore. I try not to wear the same shoes over and over yet without any rules or anything.


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