When you last heard from me, I had just finished up week one of boot camp.  Also, a whole week at the gym, some days morning and night.  That was a big part of last week, and it probably wasn’t until Thursday that I even got dressed into something other than gym clothes.  And now, I have for you the rest of my week.

Sunday, April 1st:  Rain was in the forecast but it only stayed around for the morning.  This made for a nice day actually.  We had a late start, but enjoyed the laid back day.  This afternoon we headed out to the property as we sometimes do on a Sunday afternoon.  Took a short walk around the see what was new and then headed back home for a glass of wine on the back deck.  It did end up being a great day!

Monday, April 2nd:  Back at the property to work on some wine.  This day, with my dad’s help, we barreled 25 gallons of wine.  It was fun and then the best part, we got to haul them down to the cellar to age.

So neat to have wine sitting out in the cellar!  After this I cleaned up and I am happy to say the wine room is clearing out.This afternoon, I made it to the gym for the start of a six week intense work out schedule.  Mostly of my own doing, but since I am partaking in a boot camp program, I figured I’d go all out the best I could with all my classes.  No more slacking by skipping out on my 5:15 Monday class.  This afternoon was also the afternoon that my expecting niece headed to Memphis to wait out the rest of her pregnancy.  They thought this could possibly be the night, and as much as I wanted it to be, I had hopes I’d be up early and at the gym Tuesday morning instead of attending the birth.

Tuesday, April 3rd:  Nope, no baby today!  Yes, boot camp day 1.  Not a bad start, and I am looking forward to the next 6 weeks.  After this there was lots of school work and grading to do, as usual.  Our school meet-up this week is not happening so the boy and I are at home for most of it.  This is always a good thing for me.  I get to catch up on stuff around the house and run errands that I don’t usually get to do on a Tuesday, and the boy gets done with his work a lot quicker.

Wednesday, April 4th:  Another day at home, another day only in gym clothes, and another evening at Anytime Fitness.  Today while I was home, I meal planned and made a grocery list.  Life’s a lot easier when I know what to make for dinner!  Also, took a walk this afternoon and admired my neighbors blueberry blooms.  Mine don’t look so good this year compared to his.

Thursday, April 5th:  I left the house to go somewhere other than the gym today!  But don’t get your hopes up, it was only to go to Walmart and get groceries, which we were in desperate need of by the way.  Also, day two of boot camp and it’s been a long week of working out.  I took a longer than usual nap this afternoon and caught up on laundry.

Friday, April 6th:  Home bound.  No gym and nothing to do but clean house.  I did have to go back to Walmart this afternoon though for a few things I forgot about that I needed for this weekend.  Baby nephew (great-nephew? second nephew?) could possibly be here this weekend, every day that passes is a day closer, so I wanted to try and be prepared should I have to leave at any minute, and I wanted to make sure the guys have clean clothes and mopped floors in case I am gone for a day or two.

A lot less rain this week and a lot more sunshine and that was wonderful.  But for being the first week of April, it was cold.  We had two mornings in the 30’s.  Maybe one of these days spring really will show up!  Maybe next week? Maybe next week I will have some better pictures up here also.  We shall see.

Thanks for stopping by!  Until next time, have a great Tuesday!

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