I had a several hours to kill in Memphis, a camera, and a boy who was up for exploring so we asked Google where we should go.  Martyrs Park looked like a good place to start.  It was on the river’s edge with an excellent bridge view.  I kind of really like the look of bridges; it sounded perfect.

And look at that, an awesome bridge view!  This particular day was wonderful: spring was showing and the weather was perfect.  We went into tourist mode, gathered up the camera stuff and headed for a walk through the park.  For my boy and me, no walk is complete without at least a picture or two of him doing flips.  So we had to get those in, especially with a cool bridge in the background!

Me, I just wanted a picture of myself for once without sunglasses.

The boy did alright, I think.

We weren’t the only ones in the park admiring the bridge this morning, and when a couple asked us if we knew how to get to it, we decided we’d find out.  Only minutes away, there was an entrance to a walkway across the bridge.  I am wondering now why Google hadn’t told me about this.  This little walk of ours just got a lot more scenic.

Hopefully you all like pictures of bridges as much as I do, cause I’ve got more than a few of them.

About half way across the bridge, we ended up in Arkansas.  I completely missed the sign until the boy pointed it out.  It was quite a bit cooler at this point than it had been over in the grass.  The sun had disappeared for a bit so we were now walking a little faster.  

We got a few more pictures, the boy did some flips, then we put our phones on airplane mode and walked back into Tennessee.  Perhaps it was due to a roaming cell signal? But both our cell phone at this point were about to die.  We took in the last few views and headed for the car.

The reverse view from this morning when we were on the riverside by that tree in the middle.

Ethan had to have enough power on his phone to get one last clip, of course.  Well, maybe a few more than just one, so I couldn’t linger much longer on that bridge.  It was fun and I do love a day out exploring with the boy.  ❤

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