Saturday, April 7th:  Today looked a lot like it would be the day for great-nephew to arrive.  I stayed home this day in case I had to rush to Memphis at a moment’s notice.  As the day went on it seemed I had stayed home for nothing.  Ended this day with a bit of quilting ambition.  I finally pinned my hexagon quilt and got it ready to start on.  By the time I was done though, I didn’t feel much like quilting.  Plus I was pretty sure I didn’t have the right color thread.  It wasn’t until later in the week that I realized I did, in fact, have the correct color of thread.

Sunday, April 8th:  No baby yet so my guy and I made our regular Sunday trip out to the property to deliver bee stuff.  We are keeping bees out where the muscadines are so thought to get everything out there where it would be needed when the bees showed up.  I am wondering now which will come first, the baby or the bees.  After this, we headed to town to watch the boy do a kind of last minute tumbling showcase at one of the local schools.  He had a blast as he always does when tumbling is involved.

Came home and my guy and I decided we’d been good enough with our diet lately so thought to try out one of our local favorites for dinner.  They were under new management and unfortunately, not any better.  This local favorite place of ours had been declining lately.  We walked out after waiting about ten minutes for our drinks to arrive.  Ten minutes and still no drinks!  Disappointed for sure.  But we found another local place to eat and liked it very much.  From here we went home and I was informed that this was probably the night that baby would arrive.  I headed to Memphis and waited things out for the night to see what progressed.  It was nothing.  I hesitate to say a ‘false alarm’ because at this point everything that happens is just one move closer to baby.  So, a premature alarm is what I’ll call it.

Monday, April 9th:  Great-nephew’s due date, and baby won’t be here anytime today.  At least that’s what the midwife assessed, so back home I returned.   But not before a quick trip to Costco.  I had some stuff to catch up on at the house so I skipped out on my Monday night at the gym, but didn’t really feel too badly about it.

Tuesday, April 10th:  Early morning at boot camp and this week was a lot harder than last week.  The obstacle course was more spread out and we had to do more rounds of it.  I have to say though, I am very much enjoying these early mornings at the gym!  The rest of the day was my typical routine: school with the boy, cleaning, and cooking.  Plus a little laundry because that never goes away.  Found myself back at the gym this evening and by dinner time I was ready to call it a day.

Wednesday, April 11th:  Has some work to do with a couple of the vehicles this week so dropped the boy off at the gym while his was getting some tires on it.  I took the time in town to enjoy myself a walk around the lake.  I racked up the Fitbit steps this week for sure!  Regular Wednesday stuff at home and a regular Wednesday night at the gym.  I am feeling really good physically and mentally these days.

Thursday, April 12th:  We have a pot luck planned this weekend with our friends and since I was still home waiting on baby, I decided to cook a ham.  Not just any ham, a county ham that my guy got from work.  It was my first experience with cooking a country ham, and it was a little strange to me.  Why, you might be asking.  Well, a country ham is a non-refrigerated ham and most of the time there is mold on it.  This really worried me, but my guy sent me links for preparation videos to assure me that this was, in fact, a very normal part of the ageing process and nothing a scrub with vinegar and water wouldn’t take care of.  I was very OCD about cleaning up the ham, and was happy to see that when it came out it looked like and tasted just like a ham should.  A little saltier than usual, but that’s normal for a country ham.  I guess it’s kind of like cheese, the mold isn’t a bad thing.  It’s still weird to me.

Friday, April 13th:  The day started like any other Friday.  We did school, I went shopping for weekend groceries, the boy had piano etc., etc.  I was very tired from my week and all that extra time I spent at the gym (I was the winner of my friendly, weekly Fitbit challenge this week after all!).  I was in bed by 9 which was a good thing because at 2 am I got the call I’d been waiting on:  my niece’s water had broken and I should get myself to Memphis as soon as I was able.  The moment I’d been looking forward to for weeks now, and I was dreading it.  A nice big band of severe weather was headed my way and it looked like I was gonna have to drive through it the whole way.  I hate driving in heavy downpours, and I hate it even more when the weather man says this particular band could possible be tornadic.  I left anyway and hit about three waves of it, the worst slowing me down to about 40 mph.  The good thing about this was at least it was late enough, or early really, that there was no traffic to worry about.

AM or PM? I’ve lost track of time by now.

Saturday, April 14th:  This actually being the day I headed to Memphis, and this actually being the day that wouldn’t end until Monday morning at about 2 am.  The last few days of this week actually blend from here.  There are way too many details about this to depict on the blog: details not entirely pertaining to me, and personal for someone else so I will be as limited as I can.  What was supposed to be a home birth took a turn for something else completely. After a bit of a struggle, 48 hours later baby and mom were a-okay; and all of us involved were giving God all the glory!  Many, many prayers were said and many, many rejoicings were made.  All in all, a weekend I thought would never end, nor will I ever forget; and with a new nephew to welcome to the family, my heart is absolutely overjoyed!

And here I am on a Tuesday night catching up on it all.  I had a total of four hours of sleep from Saturday to Monday and those being mostly curled up on a couch or chair in the corner of a busy room.  I don’t think I’ve ever been awake that long in my life.  Needless to say I took yesterday afternoon and today to catch up on sleep.  Plus made one more trip to Memphis so my boy could meet his new, second cousin.  And that’s about all I have to say for now.  I am still kind of tired and should be getting to bed soon.

Until next time!

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