Eleven of the first 16 weekends of 2018 have had significant rainfall.  As of early this week, my neck of the woods has gotten about 29 inches of rain, and since then, it’s rained EVEN MORE!  Good news, I guess, is we aren’t drowning yet, but I am so very sick of the rain!  You all probably didn’t stop by for a weather report though, so I’ll be moving on the other things.  Specifically, what I’ve been up to…

My blogging absence last week was purely due to a need to catch up on sleep.  It wasn’t until last Saturday that I really felt normal.  Being up for almost three days really took a toll on me.  I thought a couple good nights of sleep were all I’d need, but I was wrong.  More than a few naps were needed as well, and that was my free time.  I didn’t just sleep last week away though.  I went about my normal routine as best I could: school with the boy being my number one priority, but let me say this year he has needed me the least.  Most everything he is able to work on and do is without much instruction from me.  It’s bittersweet, but it gives me some time to do my own thing while supervising his work time.  My own thing last week was to make a dress.  It’s been a good few months since I’ve made anything and while he was at his photography class and the gym on Thursday, I got started on one.  I’d have loved to have taken some pictures for an outfit post, but it’s been a rainy blur since.

Just lacking the arm facings and a zipper at this stage.

Also last week, I took advantage of one of the sunny, dry days and went out to spray the vineyard.  We’re growing everything as ‘organically’ as possible, and an advantage of muscadines is that they don’t need much attention, but I’ve noticed they do seem to be slightly affected by the elements and aren’t immune to all bugs.  We started using a neem oil on them last year and I wanted to get an earlier start with it this year.  I also wanted to get the first spray done before we get our bees, which is still not yet.  I am calling the company we ordered from as soon as I get done here just to make sure they haven’t forgotten about us.

Also pertaining to muscadines, I racked wine on Sunday and took some samples of what we have working.  We ended up with on excellent batch (excellent by our standards anyway) and as you can see, we may have a real life wine thief, or two, among us.  This one is really good, and how can we not refill our jugs when we remember to have them with us as we taste test wine?  I remembered my jug this weekend.

Let’s see, what else happened last week?  My guy pulled down a tree limb in the back yard that we hadn’t been able to get to.  So I guess it was a little drier than it had been last week, cause it hadn’t really been dry enough lately to drive back there.  Also, we finally got a stronger truck and chains rather than flimsy ropes that just snapped when we tried before.  It was exciting!  Sometimes it doesn’t take much to entertain this group of three.  Ha ha!

Those were the highlights of last week.  This week’s been a little similar to the last, except with much less napping.  I even made another dress on Monday.  That one is for the Etsy shop, which I’ve been wondering lately is even worth having.  I’m about ready to ‘buy’ myself some of my own dresses.  I worked on my listings some last week to try and get views up etc., but what I’m learning is that it can be hit or miss to have a successful Etsy shop.  There are algorithms and SEO that sometimes are out of your control – the algorithms anyway.  I will keep working on my SEO, and I’ve got a plan to make this year’s Me Made May all for the shop and go from there.  I’ll be updating more on that soon enough.

For now, I’m going to try and enjoy the rest of this rainy week from the comfort of inside my house.  It’s also been a colder April that it has been in years.  I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I am kind of looking forward to summer right about now.

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