It’s a Friday night and I’m more than ready for the day of rest that is before me.  So much has gone on this week.  I actually could go to bed right about now, but my mind is still thinking about everything so I thought to get it posted up here before my time passes me by.  I know I just wrote, but I have more to say in another diary style post.  I’ll start with Tuesday since I covered last Sunday and Monday in the last one.

Tuesday, April 24th:  After a couple of weeks doing school at home, the little school group that I am a part of got back to our regular schedule.  I was really happy about this because I had some catching up to do with everyone.  Plenty of work to go over and plenty of papers to collect.  The bonus to this particular day was being not far from a certain newborn that I know.  I didn’t hesitate one bit when asked if I wanted to hold him for awhile.  And I didn’t mind missing out on some grading time either cause how could I possibly go over papers with this little guy in my arms?

After school was over, I went home and got ready for my night.  Stephen’s work’s annual downtown block party was this evening and I wasn’t going to be late for grilled hamburgers, cheap beer, and local entertainment.  The highlight of this year’s entertainment, the boy.  When my guy’s boss found out that Ethan was a pretty good tumbler, he asked if his gym would be up for being one of the entertaining acts.  It was pretty neat, and I will admit to being a little more nervous than usual to see Ethan do some of his flips.  The reason for this, a lot of people in close proximity to the tumbling mats, and a lot of concrete, or asphalt as it were.  He slightly landed on one person who was sitting at the edge of the mat, but they must not have cared much because it took them a few more passes before they decided to get up and move.

Wednesday, April 25th:  Another day we met for school and another day not at home.  It was nice getting out for a few hours and probably out of the whole week this was the most laid back day.  As I am writing about it, I can’t remember too much that went on out of the ordinary.  I made it the the gym, alone this evening because Stephen’s foot was killing him from being on it the last two days, and we had nachos for dinner.  A very normal, everyday kind of day.

Thursday, April 26th:  I started this day on the computer writing what you read about last.  After my post was up, I went on with the rest of it.  The boy went to photography and I called about my bees.  I was told that they would be shipping to TN next week.  It’s been colder than usual and the bees need to have some nicer weather is what the guy told me.  After that I started cleaning house; and really cleaning house.  I didn’t get it all but the major rooms we spend the most time in look great and I can relax a little knowing that we don’t have to fire the maid.  (Ahem, the maid being myself, and I’ve felt a little inadequate lately.)  After the gym we were going to watch the boy tumble when he called to tell us he had to work instead.  So, I talked Stephen into a drive back to town to see if we could find some new M&M’s that I saw a commercial for the other day.  (The diet has taken a turn for the worse the last few days: beer, nachos, and candy!  Oh, no!)

I found just what I was looking for, and when we got into the car I had a notification on my phone for that bee-mail I’d been waiting all month.  My bees would be here the next day!  It was 7:30 Thursday evening.  We scrambled for a minute.  The hives were at the property but not set up yet.  I did not expect them to be shipping out in the PM before a Friday.  What if the UPS man didn’t make it to our place?  Would they sit in a warehouse all weekend?  Who ships livestock out late on a Thursday?  All this time I thought and said, There’s no way they’d ship something like this late in the week.  Plus, the nice guy on the phone that morning told me they’d be shipping next week.

It was kind of like getting the call that the baby was coming.  We rushed home, Stephen looked some more at his Bee Book for Dummies and watched some YouTube while I finally tried on my bee suit.  We thought to go put the hives out, but it was almost dark by now.  Would UPS come at his regular time, 3ish, or would we be first on his route?  So.  Much.  Excitement.

Friday, April 27th:  My guy called in because that was his plan all along for the day we would get the bees.  The conclusion we came to the night before was that he and the boy would go out in the morning to set the hives up while I waited on UPS.  It was still early, we were drinking coffee and checking on the backyard bunnies – oh, yeah, Yuki found a bunny nest last Friday and managed to dig one out.  We were outside when it happened so she didn’t eat it, whew.  But there were several more with eyes not even open that we covered back up.  We’ve not been letting her out alone all week until those bunnies move away.  We thought to move them ourselves but the rain has kept us from it.

This is when UPS drove up.  I’m pretty sure we were his first stop.  He said he was allergic to bees so he was hoping they wouldn’t escape in the truck before he got them to us.

The morning went into overdrive.  We made sugar water, loaded everything up, and headed to the bee corral.  Thankfully, it didn’t take long, the day was perfect for it, and a few hours later we had two hives that were in the process of being populated with thousands of bees.  We let them bee, ha ha, and came back home for the rest of afternoon.  I mowed the backyard and looked for more rabbit nests while the boy did what he needed to do for school; and then when the day was close to being over, we went back to check the bee feeders.  I’ve got plenty more to say about this and lots of pics to show as well, but the bees deserve their own post and that will be up another day soon.

And here I am now, winding down from the week.  I can’t believe I forgot to mention boot camp.  I’ve been sore all week from it and the gym.  So sore I had a soak in epsom salt just before I started this post.  I feel better now, but it’s been one of those weeks where everything hurts.  I just wish that I didn’t do so poorly with my food choices this week.  I’ll do better with the next meal.  And that’s all I have to say for now.

Thanks for reading all 1200 plus words of this one, guys.  I’ll be back with more about the bees in a couple of days.  ❤

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