I’d say good morning, but it’s well past that now.  A good afternoon to you instead.  How is Monday going for you all?  It’s been a typical Monday for me.  I wasn’t ready for it and I woke up cranky.  Mondays aren’t usually that bad, but I’ve had better.  My mood improved once I got going and I’ve been pretty productive since.  I even made it out this morning to get some pictures of my newest make/outfit for the blog.

I am calling this one the Love Letters dress, obviously, because what else would I call it?  Originally it was going to be for me, but I already made myself a dress last week and my Etsy shop needs more listings.  I ensured that I wouldn’t keep it for myself when I made it in a size medium.  Medium in this particular style fits a little baggier than I’d like.  Although, with the new addition of pockets and the wonderful fabric, I could possibly talk myself into a looser fitting dress.  But really I shouldn’t because if I want the smallest chance of having a successful Etsy shop, I need more listings.

Which brings me to my current goal.  This year’s Me Made May won’t be about me only wearing things that I have made, but it will be about me stocking the shop with things that I have made.  My Me Made May plan is to post a new item every Monday in May over on my Etsy account.  I’ve got the fabric all sorted out, now I just have to decide on the sizes to make.  I think I will stay away from smalls for a little bit, lest I be tempted to keep them for myself.  However, I do have some small sizes available now, and I can always custom make a specific size so that shouldn’t deter anyone, I hope.

This lovely dress will be posted over on Etsy before the day is over so if you like it enough to make it your own, you will be able to find it there shortly.

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