In an attempt to jump start my recently slowed down fitness routine, I signed myself up for a six week boot camp at my local gym.  I was a little nervous about doing this, the main reason being that it is at 6 o’clock in the morning.  I realize that by saying that, I might come across as some type of ‘I don’t do mornings’ kind of person.  I really am not.  But, I do find it hard to leave the comfort of my warm cozy bed on most mornings; and over the years, I have become one of those hit snooze ten times before waking up types of person.  Why don’t I just wake up the first time my alarm goes off?  I ask myself that question almost daily.

My normal weekly wake up time is 6:30 – 7:00 am.  I am not usually a groggy person and I don’t have to have coffee before my day can even start.  So what’s the big deal with going to the gym early?  Turns out, nothing really.  I will admit I was a little more tired than usual the first day, but I also kept to my same evening gym schedule and same evening bedtime, which is usually a little too late.  Lucky for me I can run on 5-6 hours of sleep normally, and when I need it, I can make myself nap for at least thirty minutes.  (I did take a nap or two this week.)


Now to talk about the actual boot camp.  Day one wasn’t bad at all.  I have an advantage in that I have been taking a HIIT class regularly for the last several years, and it is similar to that.  There was an obstacle course which was new to me – I liked it! – and some running, plus lots of push-ups – those, I didn’t really like.  Day two had a harder obstacle course, and a lot of ab work.  I never like to work my abs and I have a feeling I am definitely going to feel those tomorrow.  I’ve had this goal to have visible abs for years now; I think I need to start working on them more if I really want to reach it.


I’m also diligently keeping track of what I am eating during this six weeks in an effort to drop some body fat.  My lowest, that I kept track of, was 18% back in January of 2016.  I’ve slacked since then and it’s currently at 26.1%  I am trying not to pay too much attention to the scale, but can’t help it sometimes.  I’ve been low-carb dieting for a month and have only lost three pounds.  I feel I should be down more than that, but I will have a better idea of how I am progressing by keeping track of my body fat.  My goal is to be around 20%.  Not sure if six weeks is enough time for it to drop that much, but we shall see.

The third decade of my life is quickly coming to an end (can’t believe I am admitting that and it doesn’t even seem possible), and I really don’t want my fitness to decrease as I get older.  Plus I am finding that, yes, it is taking a little more work the older I get.  That’s life I guess.  🙂

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