Dear Diary 2018: Week 12 and 13

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I let myself get a little behind and I really don’t like it when that happens.  Most often the blog suffers when I have school work to catch up on.  For me, with the end of a nine weeks comes a little more grading then usual, plus that paperwork (in my case computer work) that goes with the grading and recording of everything.  This time of the quarter I sometimes find myself surrounded by way too many papers!  That’s about done with, the last of it I will finish up tomorrow and Monday, so what else have I been doing?  This post might be a bit of a long one, be warned.

When you last read of my life, I was telling you all about out spring break fun and my niece’s baby shower.  There was lots of sunshine that week too, and it didn’t last long.  It’s been so rainy, guys!  Days and days of rain.  I am done with it!  Every time the sun has shone in these last two weeks, I’ve made myself go outside and enjoy it.  I even spent some time pulling weeds and pruning some stuff in my yard.  I would have done more had I not had to come back inside to this.

More grading and school.  I had some planning for the rest of the year that needed to be taken care of too, and of course things to get ready for the upcoming weeks.  We are at that stage of the year that we also start working on our annual end of the year program.  We’re starting slightly later than usual with this, but because of that we teachers are kind of in overdrive.

Enough of school work, my other homework has been for the bees.  Last Sunday, Stephen and I spent hours watching YouTube videos and reading about what kind of bee feeders we should use.  We finally decided on that then started wondering if we should get a few more brooding boxes.  We went ahead and did that also, since we will eventually need another for each hive, and they will work now with how we plan to feed the bees.  All we’re lacking are the bees.  Sometime soon is all I know and I should get an email two weeks before the shipping day.  I’m checking my order status almost daily because I don’t trust they will give me the advance notice they say they will.

The school work is covered, the bees have been talked about, what else?  Oh, yes, wine.  Wine is back in the picture again as I am starting to bottle some of what I made last year.  We are trying something a little different this time and barreling some of what we made to store away for awhile.  I’ll be working on that this coming week, but on Thursday I got what I needed ready for then.  In case you wondered it rained that day too.

It didn’t rain yesterday, March 30th, and good thing for that because I got to spend a good part of the day out and about sightseeing downtown Memphis with the boy.  I finally got my Mini into the shop, and since it was gonna take the whole day, they provided me with a loaner.  A few nights before I asked google for some cool places to take pictures in Memphis and got a nice list to chose from.  We picked Martyrs Park and went from there.  I have plenty of pictures from the day, and can’t wait to get them up in a post of their own.

That’s about it, but wait, two more things noteworthy for future reference:  I, for the first time ever, cracked my phone.  It’s a small crack at the top so it isn’t really a problem, but it has made me start looking forward to a future upgrade.  And, number two, I signed up for a 6-week boot camp at the gym.  It starts this coming week and I’ve been working on waking up early to prepare for it.  It will be the first time I’ve ever gone to the gym at 6 in the morning.  Hope I’m not too tired this time next week to update you all on the week.  🙂

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