2017!?  Who still even remembers that year?  Well, I remember it like it was yesterday and not almost four months ago.  In fact most of these pictures seem to me like they were just taken.  Last year was a quiet year on the blog as far as outfit posts went, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t have my fair share of bloopers.  I ALWAYS have plenty of those!  I tend to keep almost all of the pictures I take, which is great for me when I look back and want to compile a post of outtakes.

So here it is, the outtake post of 2017.

There’s plenty of talk of phones being a big distraction these days.  I agree.  Also, my blog is not immune to such a distraction.  I have a good reason for this though.  No, I’m not playing the latest, new game; nor am I Instagramming my outfit shoot.  Really, I am just trying to take my own picture, or laughing at the last picture I took of myself not realizing I hit the timer button without being ready.

Original post here.
How this should have looked here.

My boy is the reason for this.  I’ve always used the self timer for my pictures, but found that more often than not I was out of focus.  So after seeing him and hearing him over and over tell me to just use my phone as the remote, I finally started doing that.  Almost all the pictures of me from this year I took with my Canon app.  It’s great to see that I am in focus, but sometimes the timer is off or I don’t realize I hit the button and am not ready for the picture.  I’m sure I’ve said this before, but taking pictures of yourself is sometimes not easy!

Now we have our good old friend the wind.  Many a picture has been ruined by this and especially those pictures taken early on in the year.

This dress for sale and currently on sale here.
Couldn’t decide if this should be a wind outtake or me being me outtake. Original post here.
Perhaps the original post wasn’t any better. Ha ha!

An outtake post wouldn’t be complete without Yuki the photobombing dog.  As per usual, I’ve got more than a few of these.

What the post ended up looking like here.

I think it’s kind of funny that I’m posed almost the same way in both of these pics.  And notice the phone in my hand in the first one.  I didn’t even catch that until I posted it.

Lastly, I am the reason for most of the outtakes.  Crazy facial expressions, weird arm or leg movements, or just me being me.  One can get impatient with oneself while taking your own pictures I guess.

Who messed the picture up more?

original post here

Thanks for stopping by!  I’m already adding to the outtakes for this year…

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