Photo Challenge Days 28 – 34

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Good morning!  It’s nice to be sitting at my computer on a Friday morning.  I used to do this quite regularly, but these days not so much.  I’m all for regularity and I really do like a regular routine.

Let me remind you all that way back when summer started several friends and I started a project 52.  Only this project 52 was going to take place in 52 days rather than 52 weeks.  We should have been done a couple of weeks ago, but I think we kind of dropped the ball.  All four of us are probably lacking the last week of photos.  I have not given up yet though, and I will finish this photo challenge for sure.  I just pushed pause for a bit.  I do still have a few week’s worth of photos that have not made the blog yet and today seemed like a great day to get them up.  Here they are, days 28 – 34:

Day 28:  Animal

Hope you all don’t get tired of bee pictures.  The are just so neat to watch and take pictures of.

Day 29:  Long Exposure

One of my favorite pictures of the challenge.  This was so cool to do and I figured it out with only a little bit of help from my guy.  I had to write backwards so that my name would show up right way for the camera.  Not bad at all considering.  🙂

Day 30:  Colorful

The picture of my disco ball was supposed to be for a different day, bokeh, but it didn’t come out how I wanted it to.  Instead I thought it would pass for being colorful.  What do you think?

Day 31:  Music

My living room is normally a dark room – I have four red walls in it.  The piano is in the corner by a window.  This picture came out kind of grainy to me, but with a few tweaks on Photoshop, I ended up really liking it; graininess and all.

Day 32:  Soft

I was going for soft because of the feathers.  I got soft focus instead due to the chain link fence I shot through.  I’ll take it.

Day 33:  Hot

Sparklers in a mason jar, is that hot enough?  I was also messing around for my ‘bokeh’ photo when I took this one, so I am calling it “Hot Bokeh”.  What I got for my ‘bokeh’ photo will be on the next round up.

Day 34:  Structure

I have two for this one because I liked them both the same and couldn’t decide which one to post.

Another photo challenge week posted and in the blog archives.  I’ll have more next week and I think I will be back to carrying my camera everywhere to get those final few shots taken so I can move on to another challenge.

Thanks for reading.  Thoughts?  Leave me a comment.  ❤

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