Dear Diary 2018: Weeks 33 – 34

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It really feels like it’s only been one week since I updated you all on my day to day life.  How has it really been two?!  This is another time of the year when everything kind of goes into overdrive.  Summer was great, and overall pretty relaxing, but the last two weeks were all about doing those things that I didn’t do during my break.  I will admit I only got about half way done with the deep cleaning.  I also will admit I get tired of cleaning.

Starting where I left off, and with the help of my 1 Second a Day app, let me start with the weekend of August 11th:

I started making a dress that Saturday night after getting myself another fabric order.  (Self-proclaimed fabric hoarder over here.)  I liked the dress so much, I kept one for myself and have plenty available for other sizes, and even in a different color, over in my Etsy shop.  Sunday, we checked on bees and saw the recently trimmed muscadine vines.  We can walk through them now, and the boy won’t get lost next time he’s mowing.  This afternoon we went to a friend’s place for chicken and beer.  It was great!

This particular week, week 33 of 2018 – the last week of summer break, found me racking my new batch of cherry wine, sewing, quilting, and getting a car recall taken care of.  Also this week, I got to be the first baby sitter for little great-nephew, and I got a custom dress order from a repeat customer.  Pretty much a fun and exciting week.

I think Yuki was jealous.

Last weekend, the start of week 34, I spent my free time making a dress.  It didn’t take too long, a little time here and there from Saturday night to Monday, and by this last Thursday it was received with rave reviews.  I’m so happy she loved it!

Last weekend my guy and I also got to go shopping.  Nothing for me, just Stephen got stuff this day.  He has to look even more professional now.  🙂  While we were out we stopped at Sam’s and got a start at the week’s grocery shopping.  This afternoon we went to the property and then home for a nice dinner and more sewing.  I did clean the house pretty well on Friday, so it was wonderful having it all nice and tidy come Sunday.  I didn’t feel any guilt spending so much time in the sewing room.  Usually I have a hard time sewing when I know the house is a mess.

Monday, August 20th – The last back to school shopping trip and I was sad.  I then spent way too much time at the store looking for everything else I needed cause my local Wal-Mart is being remodeled.  Grrr!  I finished that dress today and got my stuff ready for school.  I decided against the gym this evening so I wouldn’t feel so overwhelmed this evening with everything else that needed to get done before the morning.

Tuesday and Wednesday – Back to school and back to our regular school meet up schedule.  It all went well.  The boy’s classes are few and for the most part pretty easy.  I’ll let you know in a couple of weeks how Pre-Calculus is going for us, ha ha!

Thursday – I bottled barreled wine and refilled the barrels.  Also stocked the cellar with even more wine bottles.  Hope it’s all good in a year or so.  Made it to the gym this evening for the second day of this week, and also did some weight training in addition to HIIT for the second day this week.  I’ve been sore just from what I’ve done in these mere two days.  We watched the boy tumble afterwards and had our typical Thursday night of hanging out together at home.

Friday – I told you all about this day yesterday, but I’ll remind you that today we started harvesting muscadines.  I came home after and did some laundry that had been piling up on me.  I was so tired come this evening, I went to bed at ten and didn’t wake up at all until about 8 AM this morning.  I am always thankful for a good’s night sleep.

And that brings me to today.  It was an absolutely wonderful day.  I am still a little tired though and might just go to bed before midnight on a Saturday.  Might…

That is all I have for you.  I was asked about my photo challenge last week and I still have pics from it to post.  I reckon that will be what I get up here next.  Watch this space… 🙂

Thanks for reading.  ❤

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