Dear Diary 2018: Weeks 35 – 36

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A little bit of a lot has been going on, and like other years before, a lot of my recent time this month has been spent outside.  It’s that time of the year, the time I write way too much about muscadines and vineyard stuff.  Today is no exception.  Harvest is in full swing and even though we are picking less frequently this year than the last, it’s still number one on my to do list these days.  I am enjoying it!

And this year, I am selling the grapes faster than I am picking them which is something new, and I am enjoying that as well.  I’ve got a waiting list about two weeks ahead.  I couldn’t give muscadines away fast enough last year and actually we had to buy another freezer for them, which so far this year hasn’t even been turned on.

Aside from that, school has been happening and we are already three weeks in.  I’m up to date with everything related to that, and the boy’s work is pretty easy so far.  Yes, things are going well in my neck of the woods.

In fitness and gym related news, I joined a Beach Body Challenge Group.  It’s a virtual boot camp.  I started that last weekend, but haven’t jumped all in yet.  I guess you could say I am just sticking my toe in the water as of right now.  Basically I have access to all of the Beach Body workouts on demand, there’s an app on my tv even, I pick a program and stick with it.  I want to do the 21 Day Fix, and I’ve tried a few of the workouts, but the challenge pack also comes with a meal guide and food containers which I haven’t received yet, so I am waiting on that to arrive so I can do the whole thing full out.  Ohh, something to add to my to blog about list…

I know this is kind of a brief summary of my last two weeks, but pretty much this is the most of it.  The boy and I are off to Jackson this morning.  It’s been months since the two of us have had a day out.  I am meeting muscadine customers and he’s getting a hair cut, finally.  I’m sure we’ll have lunch and I will probably go to Kohl’s.  They keep giving me Kohl’s cash every time I shop, it’s genius of them really cause every time I go to redeem my ‘cash’ I spend enough to get more for the next weekend.  I’ve been to Kohl’s almost every weekend in the last month.  My guy and I almost have a new wardrobe – not really, but I have run out of hangers when all my laundry is clean.  Time for a closet clean out, I guess…

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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