Photo Friday: In the Driver’s Seat

Just when I thought I was out of ideas for a blog topic this week, something came to mind thanks to a question I came across on Facebook:  What was your first car?  And it is kind of fitting for this week, since my friend’s son is trying to get a driving permit, and I have been somewhat reminiscing of the day I too was anxiously awaiting for the beginning of my driving life!

I was fifteen when I ‘officially’ started driving.  That wonderful day in September when I got to miss the first half of school so that my mom could take me to the DMV and I could take my driver’s test – that really ‘hard’ one where you had to prove you could make four right hand turns and use signals correctly, and then answer some ridiculous questions like, what would you do if you came to a stop sign?  Yes, the test I took was pretty much a joke, and I couldn’t imagine anyone not passing it!  I do wonder now what it is like.  As ridiculous as things have gotten today, I am sure the test standards have somewhat changed – well wait, maybe not!  Although, now that I think about it, with a slightly older perspective, I would hope that the test would be harder than it was for me!  And looking back on it, what on earth is a 15-year-old doing with a driver’s license?!  I have an eleven year old son, and I can’t even think of him driving in four years!   And I really was driving when I was 14 with a permit!  Oh, no!  The overprotective mom in me is starting to show… Okay, back to those memories of my first car…

I got the kind of car you would expect a new 15-year-old driver to get, the old family car that has been since parked in Grandma’s front yard.  Not a brand new Mustang with shiny rims and an expensive insurance policy like the children of today!  I got a 1983 Cutlass Supreme Oldsmobile!  Yup, the gangsters I went to school with always asked me if I wanted to trade!  (Something you New Mexican’s might understand!)  So this car was a must have for some… I did not think so at first.  But with a shiny new paint job, some tinted windows, and a ride to lunch everyday, I was a happy girl!

This car was great.  It had a few hits and even more misses.  It served me well as my first car and how could I have even complained!  How many freshmen would have been so lucky!  I better not let my boy read this, cause as far as he knows, he isn’t driving until he is 20!

And because a blog post with a picture is better than a post with just words, I have hunted down a picture of me and my first car.

What was your first car?

2 Replies to “Photo Friday: In the Driver’s Seat”

  1. Love this! It is pretty scary to think we could drive that young. I think things have changed now, and you can’t drive until you are 16, and in NM I think you can only have one other minor passenger with you.


    1. Thanks, Maria! I am sure they would have changed those driving rules. I think they did not long after we were driving! (PS- I changed my pic after finding a different one, so I took the liberty to omit some of your comment, lol!)


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