Having a puppy is pure joy! But also, it’s a little stressful and a lot of work. Especially when the newest member of the family is nothing like you expected her to be. I guess I went into this with different expectations; there’s been a lot of comparisons to our last when she was a puppy and that has probably been a bad idea. Kind of like having multiple children, I hear (mother of an only child here), no two are ever the same. While puppies aren’t children, although it feels like it, I’m learning you can’t compare one to another.

Another thing you shouldn’t do with a new puppy, google everything you think *might be wrong with it. At this point, Molly has had every ailment that a puppy could possible have just because I made the mistake of asking Dr. Google. Overall, I think she is getting along alright. We’ve been to the vet more than a few times though. She is gaining weight, seems content, and while she’s a lot more mellow than I expected, I would probably be saying the opposite if she were as crazy and high strung as our last. (I used to sometimes tell my boy not to look at Yuki when she was a puppy or we’d never get a moment of calm).

I think the hardest thing has been the lack of sleep for me, I sure do miss a full night’s sleep. I’m pretty sure Stephen feels the same way too. I’ve been tending to her during the night, but this weekend was the worst. She doesn’t want to be in her crate, at all. Once she finally settles down, there’s about 45 minutes before she realizes she’s still in there and doesn’t want to be all over again. It’s been a struggle, and I cry a lot when I’m tired. (Wait, who’s the baby here after all? Ha ha!) Anyway, I think, think, we made a breakthrough early this morning. She’s been happy to nap in the crate so far today, so I can catch up on some of that missed sleep, and I am hoping for a better night tonight.

We knew what we were in for when getting a puppy – long nights, days spent at home, and less out and about adventures for a season – I’d say we are right in the middle of the get adjusted to new life phase for all of us. I’ve made a few social media friends with Bichons, and have been assured I am not alone in this struggle. Having a puppy is, after all, just like having a little baby. I will push through, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Despite all of that, we sure do like our new friend, and it has been great getting to know her.

Any puppy stories or advice you’d like to share? Leave me a comment.

*June 22nd Edit:

Just over one month with Molly was all we had, six weeks to be precise. I am so sorry to have to say we had to put her down this week. I knew something wasn’t quite right and after the several vet visits, it was determined she had a liver shunt (birth defect), and after a very bad weekend, there was nothing more we could do for her. We are heart broken. But she will forever be another family memory to cherish that we have made along the way. ❤

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