Last Week as Seen by my Phone…

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Well summer is moving along as expected, way too fast!  Before I knew it, it was the weekend and now here we are Monday, already into another week.  I had intended on posting this Friday, but that day came and went before my very eyes so a Monday morning, almost afternoon, post is whatcha get.

Despite the week flying by, it was a good one.  I made it back to the gym, not every single day however, but I was there enough of the week so that was something.  Before I get to the week, let me rave on for a minute about last Sunday, it was a good one.

The highlight of which was spending the afternoon eating pizza and drinking wine at a nearby winery.  We’d been wanting to make it out here for awhile now and finally got the chance.  A Sunday with nothing to do makes for a great day out.  And the fact that the destination was less than two hours away made it even better.  A lot of our weekends lately are without the boy, so we’ve been trying to make due as a party of two.  We’re doing alright with this, I’d say.  🙂

Excuse my awkwardness…

And the weather was even nice enough to spend it outside on the patio.  I’m sure our time outdoors for fun will be coming to an end any day now…

Next we have Monday.  I got to spend a good part of it with my niece and little nephew.  We made it to the park, and I was right, the fun time outdoors is almost unbearable.  It was hot today.

Also today we checked bee hives because after the last check we thought we’d be in the need for honey supers, boxes to just collect honey in.  We were right.  The busy bees have filled up most all the frames and what you see above is capped and uncapped honey.  There’s lots of it!  Oh, and lots of bees!  Also, way too many mosquitoes.  (Another reason the time outdoors is going to be a little less often.)

Tuesday and Wednesday were cleaning days, and on Wednesday I had help.  It was wonderful.  I just have left my school/sewing room to tackle and that, I hope, will get done this very day – as soon as I finish up over here on the blog.  It’s a school room no more so I have maps to take off the walls and books to sort through and get rid of.  I don’t think it will all be done today.

Thursday I spent the day with friends.  There was coffee, great company, and I cut out a new dress.  I hope to start and finish that one this week.  I’m behind with my sewing.

And actually, maybe a little too much coffee.

Friday I bottled wine.  We barreled it last August, and it didn’t seem like it had been in there that long.  After that I came home and wrapped up my week with final stuff that needed to get done around the house. It was rainy, so besides a quick walk with Yuki, I didn’t spend any other time outside.  Got some pictures of the neighborhood weeds though.

And that brings me to this past weekend.  More rain, but cooler than I’d expect it to be this time of the year so I am happy about that.  Saw an awesome rainbow on Saturday.  The boy and his cousin took the ACT test so we were in Nashville yesterday.  Had a great lunch and time together as a family of three + one.  Even documented the time with another wall mural selfie.  This just of us.  Ethan was taking pics of his own.  ❤

Couldn’t even fit it in the frame

That’s all from me for today.  Thanks for reading and stopping by.

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