I am sure I am not the only one who feels this way, but it was a long week for me and I am pretty happy that it’s about over.

Over all it wasn’t that bad.  I got a lot of stuff done, got to spend time with some family, and the boy was in a good mood almost everyday.  (He is still a teenager after all, and those mood swings are still very present.)  But I feel drained.  I’ve probably been on social media more than I should be, and perhaps it has a little bit to do with the state of things right now, but mostly I think I need to see some sunshine.  We are on 11 or 12 days of rain in a row.  I can’t remember the last, full sunny day and I am feeling a little depressed, really.  I’m keeping up with my vitamin D, but people still need to see some sun every now and then!

That aside, there have been some positives to this week.

  1. My workout life has been great!  I’m even motivated to do something here today at home.  Why not make it a 5 day streak?!
  2. My backyard is finally getting some much needed improvement.  I’ve given up on thinking I will one day do it myself, and I’ve hired my nephew to do some landscaping for us.  I found some shrubs for the back yard earlier in the week and he’s been tirelessly working away, even despite the rain.  It’s gonna look great when it’s all said and done.
  3. I made a dress.  This happened very early in the week and despite my hesitation with the size I was going to make it in, it fit perfectly.  I had hoped to get another done before the week was over, but there was just too much laundry too do.  Maybe there is still hope for a little weekend sewing.
  4. And lastly, despite everything going on in the world right now, I am absolutely at peace with whatever happens.  Just taking it day by day and knowing that the Lord is in control makes one breathe easily.  And I will leave you with a picture of sunnier days and better moods.  One of my favorites that a dear friend took of Stephen and I last October.  ❤ 

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