Perfect Time for a Hike…

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If it weren’t for the rain!  Yes, it’s raining again.  And I don’t really need the Coronavirus to keep me at home, it’s almost as if the rain has been my quarantine for many many months now.  I don’t like doing much when it’s raining.

If the sun were shining, it would be the perfect time for a hike.  I’ve been wanting to get out and go for one for a while now, but remember, the rain.  The weather is perfect this time of the year, there aren’t many bugs out, which means not too much concern for ticks, and it just feels good to be out in the fresh air after the cold of winter has passed.

Since getting out of the house for a hike is out of the question this particular week, I remembered the one my guy and I went on last year around the end of March that I didn’t get to tell you all about.  I planned on it, so why not do it today.  This will be a photo heavy post, and hopefully it will be a nice visual change of scenery to see something from the outdoors.  It is for me anyway, and I very much enjoyed looking though these pictures of a sunny day in nature.

It all started with this bridge.  I follow the state park hashtag on Instagram and one day an awesome photo of the bridge showed up with a brief description on how to get to it.  Something cool about this spillway was that it was one of the only ones around that hadn’t been chained off.  You could actually walk on it!  So I saved the post and waited for the day we’d get to go and find it.

That day finally came and my guy and I thought nothing of driving down the road to take a little walk to find this bridge.  We got to where the trail began and started our trek.  Perhaps we should have started at the end…

It was a very nice hike.  We passed one other family there at the start.  From the description on the post I read that lead me to this place, it was just short of 2 miles that we would find the bridge. That didn’t seem bad and I wasn’t expecting it to be too long down the trail.

So we walked.

And walked some more.

Ended up by the water and saw the bridge across the way so we thought just around the bend and we’d be there.

Walked some more.  Started going in a bit of an upward direction.

Started seeming to be further and further away from the water.

But then again, not really.

Took in some of the sights along the way.

Then began to worry that we might have missed the bridge.  How had we been walking for so long!  Sure it was way more than 2 miles.  Did we even get the right trail?  When would this hike every be done!

Then, we were on a road.  And what was that in the distance?  Looked like the bridge.  And, was that really the bridge I saw on Instagram that I wanted to take pictures of?

Thought it would have been more spectacular than that.  And how was this bridge accessible by a road?  We walked all day it seemed to get to it.

We were happy though.  I was probably happier.  I found the bridge!

His picture was nicer.

I dropped a pin at our location to see what road that was and I will forever have it saved in google maps.  So next time, when it’s prettier out, I can drive myself to the bridge.  😉

From here, we walked on, and on.  It was getting later in the day.  When would this hike be done?  My fitbit died so all these wasted steps, so I thought.  Since my phone was on me, my health app synced my steps once my Fitbit got charged, so I was happy about that.

We were finally nearing the end.  I was starting to see glimpses of the lodge in the distance.  We ended on the other side of the lake from where we started.  I knew the way now.  Then we found the trail head where we ended, or should have started.

It was an almost 6 mile hike and the bridge was 2 miles from where we ended.  We will know better next time.  We got back to the car, drove to town, and being famished, we had McDonalds.  Yes, it was a pretty memorable day.  ❤

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