Sweater Weather and Proof That the Sun Does Shine

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Two days blogging in a row, this is a record for me these days!  Thought I’d brighten up today with a sunshiny outfit post.  I realized something about myself several weeks back, nothing profound or any such thing – kind of silly, really; but I think I have a thing for sweaters.  And all this time I thought Doc Martens were my one fashion staple!  Sweaters are up there too.

I cannot walk past them while out window shopping, and if I find any on sale, they most often are coming home with me.  I will admit to having more than a few that still have the tags on, and I will admit that some of these tagged impulse buys are even more than a year or so old.

What can I say, I am a sucker for sweaters and clunky shoes.

Here is my most recent, and it was a pretty good deal.  I found it at Walmart, not the most obvious place to find a sweater, but I have found a few favorites there a time or two before.  Those others have lasted, I don’t machine dry any sweaters, so lets see if this one has what it takes to withstand the test of time.

Nothing too deep or thought provoking over here.  Just an outfit post of my newest, favorite piece of over-clothing.  And the sun was shining this particular day so I was pretty happy about that.  Have a great Tuesday!  🙂


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