Quite a bit going on in the world these days, isn’t there?  Even though a lot has happened since I last updated you all on my life, things in my neck of the woods are pretty normal.

So the major news in my state, a tornado hit Nashville and about a week later the Coronavirus started shutting everything down.  Nashville has been seriously affected by the shut downs, but in my little town a hundred miles west, it seems to still be business as usual.  Walmart has cut their overnight hours and that’s about it.  Public schools are still meeting, the boy’s job at gymnastics is still on schedule, and my regular day to day is still happening.  The boy’s school though did end up extending its spring break so he gets to be home a little more than usual this week, which I think he is looking forward too – his real spring break last week had him working more at his second job and he was gone 5:30 am to 8:30 pm every day.  I miss him around for sure.

The gym was a lot quieter last week, which was kind of nice.  All the major equipment was available every single day.  I suspect it will be a little quieter this week as well, and I am still planning to be there.  No excuses!!

I am on spring break this week from my teaching duties, and since I was able to help my mom with painting the last two weeks before, I get to enjoy this week without a plan at all.  I had intended to spring clean my house, but like I said, I helped to paint a house last week and my main job was to do the deep cleaning, so I don’t particularly feel like doing that for a third week.  I may change my mind as the week goes on and I get tired of all the clutter that is out everywhere, but until then, my schedule this week will include sewing, blogging, and photo taking.  The three things I have desperately been wanting to do since the year started.

Okay, so a few things I’ve done since the last time we spoke:

Finally went to the distillery in Jackson.  Then just down the road checked out another winery.  The distillery was a small operation but very neat.  We took the tour and had some samples.  The winery was neat too with a very entertaining attendant.  We then checked out their vines, they have some like our variety, to compare pruning techniques.

On a vineyard note, our pruning got done.  All thanks to my dad.  He pruned while I helped clean and paint out at the property.  It looks great out there now!!

Got another barrel filled with some more of our good wine from last season.  We have some really tasty wine this year.  🙂

The boy turned 19 and went to New Orleans for a work event.  I am somewhat jealous that we didn’t tag along this time as New Orleans is on my list of places to see.  Stephen and I will just have to go ourselves one of these weekends.  It also is only 7 hours away.

And my photo op of the month, me and a bunch of logs my dad cut down and hauled off.  I did contribute in a very small way by helping to get the trailer out of the mud.

And that’s been my March so far.  I’m off to make breakfast and then seat myself down in the sewing room until it’s time to go to the gym.

Have a great day, everyone!

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