Better late than never!  Did I even post any outtakes for 2018?  Well, I am for 2019, even if in almost March.  I know my sewing and outfit posts were few and far between last year, despite my best efforts otherwise, but I still had plenty of outtakes that ended up on the camera roll.  Outtakes are some of my favorite posts that I read on my favorite fashion bloggers’ sites, so I will put my worst face forward on my blog for you all today.

This year’s outtake culprits, as in all years before, the boy, the dog, the cat, my hair, and me being me.  😉

I remember this one very well.  Around this time last year, It had been raining for days, much like this time this year, and I had a new dress that needed photographed.  I thought indoor photos would be sufficient.  I got maybe 1 good one.  While trying to take said good photo, my boy thought he’d get his camera out and steal the show.  Never mind my tripod and everything else that was set up in the same room.

Then there are the animals.  I always tell Ethan not to get Yuki’s backside in my photos when he’s the one that takes them for me on the back deck.  This wasn’t his fault, it was mine.  I took these myself for the Spring Penguin dress, and there she was right behind me with her backside ruining the picture.

And the cat, well she shows up too.  And usually it’s to try and jump at my hanging camera strap from the tripod.  I grab her to toss her out of the way, but usually it’s after the timer has already been set and a photo bombed picture is the result. (Post of the dress without photo-bombs here.)

Then there is me, the usual reason for the outtakes.  I’m just standing there looking strange, posed awkwardly, with or without random grey hairs sticking straight up.  Really, why were there so many grey hairs showing when I took pics for this dress?

Does this picture make my hair look any better:

Trying to get that golden hour glow!

Then, my ever famous failed jumping shot.  I can never time them right with the good camera.  And this one is with an added faux belly bump along with the crazy hair.  What is going on here?!

Thanks for stopping by.  It won’t be long before I have some more outtakes added to the 2020 collection.  That is if it ever quits raining and I can take my camera outside…

Erika  ❤

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