You guys, I could very well be sitting at my computer two weeks ago because everything is about the same!  It’s still raining and I am still cleaning out cabinets and trying to organize.  The only thing I haven’t done in the last couple of weeks is anything wine related, except move empty wine bottles to a different location in the house and put new wine bottles away.  What a boring life I lead!

There have been a few differences however since I last popped on here.  I’ve been to IKEA, twice, and the boy was down with a cold last week.  Plus, the sun did shine briefly, a couple times, and I had a good hair day.  I also went to a local coffee shop for the first time and enjoyed some time with my niece and her babies.

I’ve been creating spreadsheets in my spare time and diligently tracking my own nutritional goals and progress.  I’ve also started looking more and more into what I want to do this next year now that I am about to not be a home educator anymore.

What else… Yuki got groomed, I voted, and I weeded my blueberries.  Busy? Yes.  Tired of the rain? Absolutely.  Ready for spring?  Without a doubt.

What have you been up to?  Tired of winter yet?

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