Hello!  How is this Friday treating you all?  I can’t complain one bit.  All is well in my world.  I, like many others across the country, have been home most of this week.  Staying home is kind of something I am used to – stay at home mom and all – but you know how it goes, you want what you can’t have kind of thing.  But more than wanting to leave my house for something other that Walmart (I’ve only been once this week compared to my usual four), I’ve wanted to see blue skies and have no rain.  I am beyond tired of it!

Recent normal back deck view. And usually we can never see the pond over our fence line.

I have good news though, it finally quit raining!  Brief moments of sun shined though earlier in the week and I took advantage of the time to do a little finishing touches on my recently trimmed rose bush.  Please don’t laugh at how it looks.  I have no clue how a pruned rose bush should look and last week I told my nephew to just do what he thought needed to be done to it to keep it from looking overgrown.  He did a great job, but I thought that the center could be thinned out a bit more, and I couldn’t leave well enough alone.  So here it is now.  And here it was last May.  We shall soon see how it will look this growing season…

Another way I took advantage of the sunshine this week was to go for a walk in the state park.  Last week my boy said he’d hike with me, this week he was too busy running around the neighborhood and working out in the front yard to be bothered for a walk in the woods.  I went myself, camera in hand, and got a nice dose of vitamin D, along with several thousand steps, and a touch of sun.  It was 85 degrees this particular day.  I took pictures of the old barn and wondered how it hadn’t been completely demolished yet.  It probably will next week.  Ha ha, I have a tendency to take pictures of things a week or so before they get knocked over.  (That old pecan tree being one such thing.)

I’ll have to post some side by side pics of the barn through the years.  It’s been a back drop to some of my photos a time or two.

My time inside this week was spent sewing.  I have three things I’d like to make before my regular daily life is resumed, and I am about half way done with one.  I quit yesterday and set it aside once I had to seam rip the top from the bottom to fix a fitting issue.  I’ll probably pick it up again before the weekend is over, and perhaps have it done and photographed before Monday.

I am sewing in spurts since the boy is back to being a homeschooled student, college edition.  He is doing his work on the computer in my sewing room so I have to come and go through the day.  When I wasn’t sewing this week, I was reading a book.  My for fun reading use to happen during the boy’s piano and gymnastics lessons way back when.  Once I quit taking him, I quit reading for fun.  And now I can’t help but feel like I should be doing anything else when I want to waste time with a fictional book, but this week I much enjoyed some guiltless reading time.  I love classics, and I am currently reading Little Women.

What else could I write about for this week?

Oh, I know.  Week one of home-workouts isn’t going as well as I would have liked.  I only really worked out once.  Really worked out meaning I used weights.  I have been walking and making sure to keep up with my steps and get my heart rate up a few times a day, but actually following a structured plan isn’t going so well at the moment.  It will pass.  And one week off isn’t the end of the world.  Just focusing on staying positive with fitness and dieting right now, and telling myself not to ignore what I know about it all.  Good progress is slow, and patience is key.  That can apply to anything!

Stay positive, my friends!

Erika  ❤

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