I didn’t name this one.  It was a practice make to see if I’d even like it.  It looked great on the packaging and I’d seen several online, but that neck worried me.  Maybe a little too high for my tastes?

Even so, I thought I’d give it a try.  The finished measurements were perfect for me, and if I liked it, I could easily make it in a variety of fabrics.  This make was with some clearance quilting cotton from Joann’s.  I made the dress as instructed with no changes – I did machine stitch where it said to slip stitch, however.  Still not a fan of hand sewing so whenever I can get out of it I try.

This dress has a neat keyhole front with a high waist and a pleated skirt.  There are also a couple of pleats in the bodice on each side just under the neck band.  The zipper is just a regularly inserted one on the back.  The neck, I was surprisingly happy with the fit here.  I won’t be wearing a necklace with it since it is that high up, but it’s not uncomfortable and doesn’t look too bad on me.

My one complaint, and it was hard to photograph but after seeing the pics, I don’t think it is as bothersome as I originally thought, is that right at the creases of my armpits, the bodice rolls out or gapes some on both sides.  I don’t know how to make this lie flat.  I’ve had this issue with another dress before, but I have never looked into a fix for it.  For the most part my hair covers it and if not that, a sweater will depending on the time of year I wear the dress.

Final thoughts:  The fit was great, it was easy to make, and the length is perfect.  I will be making this one again.  Only next time in a more flowy type of fabric.  Has anyone else made this one?  What did you think?  Words of sewing advice or dressmaking wisdom? Leave me a comment, I’d love to here from you.  🙂

Until next time.

*You can find my review for this on patternreview.com here.

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