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Good morning, or almost afternoon by the time I get this post figured out. I was all set to catch you up on what’s been going on, got my photos edited, then came over here to find that WordPress has changed everything on me! There’s a new format, and I can’t change it back to what I am used to, so I’m figuring it out as I go. My time is limited so hoping this post finds it’s place on the world wide web sometime today.

I’ve been keeping pretty busy lately. Mostly back and forth from my house, my boy’s place, physical therapy with him, and to the property to look at grape vines. Yes, I said look at grape vines because there really isn’t anything to pick. We had two weeks of harvest and that was all. I have only very few muscadines stashed away for myself. I will say that a laid back season wasn’t a bad thing. It made helping Ethan out after surgery very easy for me. He’s pretty much back to driving on his own now, so I reckon he doesn’t really need me much any more. It was nice to be needed for a few weeks though. In fact, it helped me a lot to feel better about him being gone. Not sure how to explain it, but I am in a better place now with him being moved out. I don’t feel so lonely even now with him needing me less.

Yuki, on the other hand, the only child of the house now, has been extra needy. The fleas are bad this year, and even despite her being an inside dog, she has had her fair share of them. She’s Frontlined, but they still manage to bite her and drive her crazy. And her biggest problem is that she’s obsessive compulsive with bites and WILL NOT leave them alone. *Very big sigh, because she is driving me crazy! Yuki with her cone is our 2020 mascot. 🙂

Okay, so what else has happened in the last couple of weeks? Furniture. We still don’t have any. It was supposed to be delivered last Thursday, but it was changed. (It was supposed to be delivered last month too.) At this point, I will be very excited if we get it by the end of the year. We are making do. We got a mini futon for the extra bedroom and it is our temporary couch. As the weeks go by, it gets a little more comfortable. And I am very glad I didn’t send the boy with our dining room table when he moved out, ha ha.

Oh, we made it off the back roads and finally took a trip to Nashville this last weekend. It wasn’t that bad of an experience since we didn’t really know what to expect. We stuck with outdoor dining, did a little bit of shopping, and I finally got to go to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens. It’s been on my list since my niece was pregnant with her first child. Her impending delivery and the weather had messed up our previous plans. Then the spring lockdown ruined this years. But, we finally made it and it was for the Chihuly sculpture exhibit. I absolutely loved it! I will have a post about it, so for now, here’s a preview of the first sculpture we saw. Happy to say I got some good night shots even despite not having used my camera in awhile.

Well, I guess the new WordPress editor wasn’t that bad. It actually may be pretty neat when I have more time to figure out all it can do. For now, I will be saying my goodbye as I have plenty to get done today and as much as I’d like to spend it here goofing off, I cannot. I will leave this post with the sad news of our little cat. She left her garage last Wednesday morning, as she always does, and never came back. I fear something has gotten her. We didn’t have her long, one month shy of three years, but she will forever be missed.

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