You know what would be fun? To go for a drive and find a roadside waterfall I saw on Instagram.

But first, we can stop by a winery and have pizza and wine because that’s what we like to do on Sundays. So, yeah, that was the plan I suggested for Stephen and me on the first Sunday of September.

My initial thought was that this was going to be the waterfall that my boy went to a few months back when he was taking some senior pictures for someone. The place he went to looked so neat and then it popped up in my Instagram feed one day, or so I thought.

I follow the Natchez Trace State Park tag on Instagram cause it’s just down the road from me, and I like to go there from time to time to take pictures. Occasionally, people mistake the tag for the Natchez Trace Parkway, two different places, but I can usually tell the difference. I like the Natchez Trace Parkway as well, and have on several occasions stopped to take a picture or two of the bridge out of Nashville. So, anyway, back to the waterfall. Fall Hollow Falls is what showed up in my feed one day and I said,

There it is! The place Ethan went. And lookit, it’s just down the road from Grinder’s Switch Winery. Let’s go have pizza and wine and then take a short drive.

My guy liked the idea and when the perfect Sunday for it came about, we made a day of it. Just as planned, pizza and wine in the vineyard then off to the waterfall from Ethan’s pictures. Except, this was not the waterfall I had expected. In fact, I think I even said, this is it?! Ethan must have really done a fantastic job with his photography skills cause that waterfall he has pictures of is a lot bigger than this one, and he really got creative with the backgrounds cause his pics had so many different aspects.

This one looked small to me and there wasn’t much to it. Only a small trail leading off of the road with minimal parking? So where was it that he got all those cool pictures? Surely, there was more to it than this? Actually, no, there wasn’t any more to it and the waterfall I saw in my Instagram feed was in fact a different waterfall than the one Ethan went to. I never knew there was more to chose from! This one was just over an hour or so away off of the Natchez Trace Parkway.

We enjoyed it just the same, well I did anyway cause I am writing a post about it. Stephen had a nice time too, he said. 🙂

And I got to take pictures of a couple of little waterfalls not too far from home.

Jackson Falls is the waterfall Ethan went to and it is only about 30 minutes further east than this one. We now have something to do some other Sunday. I’m sure I will let you all now when we find it. Isn’t Tennessee so pretty!

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