This time in years past, I’d be beginning fall break and have a stack of papers to grade. Not this year, and it finally feels like life is different for me. I finally feel like I’m officially ‘retired’ from my teaching days and life as I now know it is falling into line.

I have almost a whole month to catch up on, and really the highlight of it all was my furniture delivery last Friday. All of it showed up too which was wonderful cause I was only expecting 2 or 3 pieces. The house is feeling normal again, and so is Yuki. I never expected her little life to be so affected by the drastic changes that took place three months ago: Ethan moving out and her daily sleeping spot/everyday routine leaving as well. We took her cone off last weekend and despite a few new hotspots, she’s been acting much more normal.

My day to day has been all about establishing new routines and getting back to old ones as well. It’s nice not really having a plan, so to say, but I need one to feel productive so I am getting into my own new habits. With only a two week muscadine season, it was easy to jump back into studying for me. I have a tentative plan to be done with that nutrition certification by the end of November. I’m 1/4 of the way there as of right now, so I do need to be spending a little more time with it in the coming weeks to be where I want to be. Totally doable. Also, I am trying to come up with some new ways to stay active and get steps in now that I am spending a lot of time sitting at a desk during the day. I think I will take up walking, perhaps even running? Something to get me outside for a bit and in a different setting than the gym. Day 1 of that was today. There’s an old air field five minutes from my house that has been turned into a walking track, so Yuki and I went there for about a mile and a half walk. We both enjoyed it!

What else… I’ve spent some time with friends and family in the last couple of weeks. We can’t get the boy over for dinner lately, but he does stop in here and there to say hi, so that is something. There’s been a couple of lazy Sundays, and more than a couple short drives for me. My car is back to tip top condition, I think, so I’ve been happy to have her take me out and about on the backroads once again. We even have a little road trip planned to drive the Tail of the Dragon in the Mini before she’s not able to make it. I am very much looking forward to that. ❤

I will leave you with a look at September since I neglected to share that video last month. And more posts are coming; just need to go through over 200 pictures from our Cheekwood trip alone and edit them. Have a great weekend, everyone!

2 Replies to “Finally Feeling Retired”

  1. Congratulations on your retirement from teaching. I really enjoy your blog, the pictures make me dislike NM, and wish to live around more greenery and water. Thanks again for sharing you diary.


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