Eleven years ago today I signed up with WordPress, and shorty thereafter posted my first post. A lot of life has happened in 11 years. I had an 8 year old, we were 3 years away from getting a dog, and 2 years into living in our brand new house. A vineyard was never in our thoughts, and I didn’t even have artwork on the walls in my living room at that time.

November 2009 – The reason I started the blog, to document our travels.

Now, we’re a different kind of party of three: Stephen, Yuki the dog, and me. We’ve just taken our second ever trip without the boy, the first one happened to have been 11 years ago, back in 2009. Mostly besides the passage of time and a few job transitions, not too much has changed.

I’ve been away from here for a good couple of weeks but it won’t take too long to catch you all up with what has been going on. I have mostly been studying for a nutrition certification and have really been devoting a lot of my time to that. It was a little hard getting into the swing of it, being a student again, but now I am on a roll. I’m into the hard part with the innerworkings of cells and all those definitions! It is going well, and I am excited for what happens next.

Like I mentioned above, we just got back from a short road trip and it was great. There will be a post about it, and it won’t be a month before I get it up here for you all to read. 😉 So stay tuned for that.

The weather has cooled, but then it went back to summer, and this week we are in fall again. It did get cold enough a few times to start killing the kudzu off for the season and some leaves are still hanging on with their bright colors ablaze. The East Tennessee, North Carolina border had much prettier fall colors this last weekend than we do now here in West Tennessee, but I still enjoy the drives when the leaves look like they do.

On the home front, our final replacement of what the boy got to take with his move out, arrived yesterday. We got a new washer and dryer! Why am I so excited about this? Maybe because it was 2004 when I last got a new washer and dryer. Hmmm, well, I am also spending today doing all the laundry because I have a new washer and dryer and that’s what you do with new things, right? Plus I have the vacation laundry to do and the unpacking as well.

And that’s what is going on with me. Hope you are all doing well. Fell free to drop me a comment and let me know what’s been going on with you all. Is it winter yet where you are? Any leaves left on the trees?

Have a great week! Probably before I know it, I’ll be having my 20 year blogiversary as fast as the time flies! Until the next post, here is my October, 1 Second a day…

Erika ❤

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