The Last Month of My Life…

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It’s been a month!  I slept, woke up, and now it’s fall, and almost a month since my last post – how does it only feel like it was last week that I was on here?  Any who, there’s been a good amount of stuff going on in my life, so let me do my best to catch up.

The last week of August was the week I finally got my new sewing room set up.  I think I like it like this for now.  I do want to get some matching drawers for my IKEA sewing desk and get to steam cleaning the carpet, but there will be plenty of time for that at a later date.

In my newly set up sewing room, I made a dress.  I’m thinking to call this one Mediterranean something.  It’s not my usual color scheme, but I saw a dress made with this material last year and had to have one of my own.  The material is nice and flowy so it’s perfect for a summer day of eating pizza and drinking wine in a vineyard, and a good waterfall hunting dress as well.

Which is exactly what Stephen and I did the day I wore said dress.  This was the first Sunday of September and one of the wineries we like had a pizza truck so we made the trip, and a trip to this particular winery is never complete without hunting down some type of attraction afterwards.  (Last time it was a Bridge, if you recall.)

A Grinder’s Switch picnic.

Also since my last blog post, I got a hair cut.  Despite all the new white hairs I keep finding, I’m happy with it.  Nothing different, just shorter.  A little something always seems to make me feel better when it comes to hair cuts.  😉

Plenty of September flowers, wildlife, and wooded walks and drives.  The weather has just been wonderful and we are trying to enjoy it when we can.

Also there has been lots of wine in my life the last several weeks.  In fact, that’s mostly what I’ve been doing.  Racking and bottling wine.  One day we bottled 156 bottles, the most yet!  I can say we are definitely stocked up for the foreseeable future.

Speaking of which, this year’s muscadine crop is finally ripe enough to start picking.  It’s a slow start and may continue as such for the season, but I won’t complain.  Week one of picking is also the week of knee surgery.  They boy finally has a knee that seems to be fixed.  ACL surgery was Friday and we are in the healing stage now.  He’s happy even despite being stuck here at our house for several days and doing nothing but resting.  He’ll be back at it before we know it.

And that’s what I’ve been up to.  I tried to keep it brief, and at just under 500 words I think I did a good job.  Hope you all are enjoying your September so far.  ❤

Before August is a very distant memory, here was mine.  1 Second a day.


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