Hello hello!  Now usually I’m a diary style writer with my weekly life updates over here, but my last week was pretty much just getting the new computer room mostly set up and pulling all the weeds in the new mulch bed, plus I got back into the kitchen to cook some more regular meals since the boy moved out, and that was about it.

I thought I’d do something a bit different for my semi-regular, weekly post.  How about a day in the life?  It’s been a few years since the last one I’ve done.

This week is the week I am very aware that I am a newly retired home-educator.  All my school teaching friends have started their year, all the regular schools are in session, and my boy is gone so everything is different for me right now.  Hey, we even have two new looking rooms in the house.  Everything’s changed!  I’ve been waiting for a new normal to present itself and this is the week that has happened.  Time to get on a schedule and go about my daily life with new intentions.  So I documented my first day as such and here it is, hour by hour, for you all to see.  If you are a friend on Facebook or a follower on Instagram, you may have already seen it play out, but it’s now going to be on the blog forever more.  And I may just make this a regular, yearly occurrence: what I do on August 24th.  A possibility?  Anyway, without further ado, what my yesterday looked like, hour by hour:

9:00  – A late start for a week day.  Stephen was home and basically woke up and went straight to the computer to work.  I had a few extra minutes in bed before I realized he hadn’t made himself coffee.  Up and at it for me.

10:00 Second cup of coffee.  The animals have been fed, social media has been browsed, the day is underway and I’m seated at the kitchen table planning out my week.  This did not take a whole hour to do.  I also did some other stuff around the house before settling in to the next hour.

11:00 – About 30 minutes in to the next chapter of my studying.  I hadn’t done too much with my PN course the last couple of months, but time to get back to it.  This is my new ‘school work’.

12:00 – Took a break to walk the dog.  I usually do this earlier but was on a roll with studying that before I knew it, it was already mid day.

1:00 – Still at it!  I spent a good three hours at the table working on the course today.  Felt pretty good about that.  🙂

2:00 – Finished up working in textbooks and started with laundry.  The laundry is significantly less without the boy around.  And I have even been getting to folding it right away once it’s done in the machine!  Feeling pretty good with myself.  😉

3:06 – Laundry is done and now it’s time to clean the kitchen, and I remembered to water this little plant.  Half the dishes in the sink were already clean, just needed to be rinsed and put away.  Then there was another load to wash and the dishwasher to start.  After that got dinner prepared.

4:00 – Dinner is ready to go and the Instant Pot is on.  Roast beef for dinner after the gym.

5:00 – The time I head to the gym.  Stephen went with me instead of meeting me this day.

6:01 – Class is over and I’m tired!  From here we went to Walmart because we always go to Walmart.

7:25 – Lost track of time and forgot to take a picture of dinner so this was what was left over in the instant pot and the last of my wine from dinner.  Usually dinner is closer to 8, but we had the chance to eat earlier than usual this night.

8:00 – We took Yuki’s cone off and we tried a Thunder Shirt on her to see if that would help her leave herself alone.  She’s been so OCD about licking and biting herself the last couple of weeks, I thought I’d try something to maybe calm her down.  I think she misses Ethan in addition to having the itchy hot spots.  It seemed to help.

9:00 – Lastly for the day, I finished the evening off in the kitchen putting dishes away and cleaning up.  I don’t always clean my kitchen in the evening, but I always feel better when I do.

And that was a typical day in my life.  Not the most exciting, but still a pretty good day.  ❤

Thanks for reading.



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