A Day in the Life: Lake Day

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Our annual lake day has come and gone.  We missed it last year, but happy to say after sitting another year, the jet ski still worked and all our lake stuff made it’s way into the garage – where it will probably sit for a few months longer just in case we end up doing this again soon.  I decided I’d take a picture an hour to document the day.  I posted them on my Instagram stories yesterday, and knew I’d have them today ready to post over here.  Here you are, a day in my life:

7:33 am – Get up and get online.  I don’t usually buy the boat registration until the night before or morning of actually going out on the lake.  Occasionally a procrastinator I am.

8:29 am – Already down one cup of coffee and breakfast has started as the guys are hooking up the trailer and loading the truck.

9:22 am – Yuki gets a walk.  The day is beautiful so far and the shade feels cool.

10:28 am – Arrive lakeside and wait for the jet ski to come to shore.  A little windy today, but the weather is perfect!

11:23 am – Umbrella is staked down, chairs are set up, and sunscreen has been applied.  The fun has begun…

12:22 pm – Tubes, wake boards, knee boards, whatever.  The jet ski is in motion and pretty much will be the rest of the day.

1:24 pm – Volleyball, land side.

2:19 pm – Everyone who is coming is here and everyone is having a great time!

3:57 pm – Seeking shade and more sunscreen.

4:42 pm – Break from the lake and off to town for a minute with friends.

5:24 pm – Time to pack up.  And another, look I am a mess, selfie.

6:10 pm – On the way home dinner.  For the first time probably ever, I didn’t eat a single chip at the lake.  As many as there were and as much as I wanted to.

7:11 pm – Home sweet home.  Tired and drained.  Wish we could have a second Sunday to just do nothing the next day.

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