Dear Diary 2018: Week 28

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It’s like there’s a sound of crickets over here on the blog.  Things have been quiet the last week, and I’ve got a couple reasons for it.  Let me get to them in my regular old, diary style post:

Sunday, July 8th:  Early up and out to check on bees and blackberries.  We had hive 2 to inspect and when we last looked, the red queen had been released.  Well, guess what?  NO red queen.  We couldn’t find her or much sign at all of new brood.  When Stephen got to the end of the frames, he started to see some grubs, so he went back and looked again.  We found a queen, but she wasn’t marked.  Guess they didn’t take her after all and one of the others survived the duel.  Since she would be an unmated queen, that would make sense about the limited amount of brood since we last looked.  We learn something new every time we check on the hives.

From here we went home, got cleaned up, and headed to Jackson for lunch and an afternoon out.  We left the house with an AC unit that was not blowing cold air, so we shut it off and called someone.  I wasn’t expecting to hear back from them until Monday.  They called shortly after and once we got home from town, the house was about 85 degrees, and it would be $20 more for a Sunday call.  We gladly paid!  While this was getting fixed, I, frustrated and annoyed, took a drive to Dogwood Lake to take some pictures for the photo challenge.  I got home and by bedtime, the house temperature was much better.  🙂

Monday, July 9th:  I was helping my niece out while she was out of town, so I spent the morning on the back roads running an errand for her.  After this, I did stuff at home that I didn’t want to do the hot day before, made dinner, and hit the gym.  It was a great gym night: class and weights.  We were motivated and on a roll!

Tuesday, July 10th:  Woke up sore.  I didn’t think anything of it except that I must have gotten a good workout in the night before.  Went about my morning, but today I was tackling the garage.  Loaded up so many boxes into the truck to take to the dump.  Also went into the attic to find school books and brought them down.  My back was becoming more sore.  Sat down for lunch, and was down for the rest of the day.  Somewhere between the gym and the morning of moving stuff, I pulled a muscle in my lower back.  I was useless the rest of the day and pretty much until Friday.  The heating pad and ice packs were my best friend and I spent way too much time lying on my back in my bedroom.  Yup, felt pretty sorry for myself.

Wednesday, July 11th:  I woke up sore but didn’t want to stay in bed again so when a friend asked me to meet her in Jackson I said sure.  I wasn’t gonna get much done at home anyway and being out would mean I wouldn’t be at home working around the house.  Well, spending the day standing and walking didn’t help.  I was back to my back this evening, again.  REALLY feeling sorry for myself.  I’ve never had a back issue ever and it sucks.

Tonight after dinner Stephen went to bed and got up at 12 to go back to work.  There was overnight stuff that had to be done and even though he said it shouldn’t take long, it never works out that way, something always goes wrong, he wasn’t home until noon the next day.  This was good because I didn’t have to do anything on Thursday.

Thursday July 12th:  Complete rest day.  Later this afternoon Stephen was able to help me do what I needed to and that came in handy while going out to check on blackberries.  We watched the bees and had a nice night.

Friday, July 13th:  I felt fine today!  Good cause I had plenty to do, normal Friday stuff but without having to cook dinner.  Stephen got off and we went to my niece’s for dinner.  It was the best day of the week.

Saturday, July 14th:  It’s hot again and I shouldn’t have spent so much time sitting on the floor earlier today, my back is sore again.  But, in better news, I got a ‘custom’ dress order so that ensured I’d just be sewing all day Sunday.

And that was last week.  I am a few days into this one and it’s been both good and bad, and I think I should have taken another complete rest day before I started acting like nothing hurt anymore.  The moldable ice pack is still my back’s best friend.

If I can handle sitting in this awkward desk chair, I will be back in a day or so with more pictures for you all.  Hope everyone is having a great week so far.  ❤

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