Photo Challenge Days 21-27

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Even though I haven’t been keeping up with this challenge on a weekly basis over here, it doesn’t mean I haven’t been keeping up at all.  In fact, it is one of the things that I have been pretty regularly keeping track of these days.  Today I am on day 41, so obviously the blog posts have gotten a bit behind.  Let me catch up some now.

Day 21:  Family (skipped)

Family is my missing picture for this week.  I did get a ‘Water’ pic which was my missing one from the last time so let me post it now.  Family is probably going to be a bit longer still if I go with my family.  The three of us together at the perfect time to take a picture doesn’t happen much these days.  Here is water instead.

*Day 16:  Water

Day 22:  Light

This picture came out exactly how I envisioned it in my head.  Nothing more to say about it.  ❤

Day 23:  Movement

One I struggled with and in the end I settled on this picture which was one I took at the beginning of the challenge.  I had something else in mind, but just didn’t get the right shot.  Motion pictures are on the to practice list.

Day 24:  Below

I was stumped for this one then went outside to take something for the next day and found the perfect subject.  The angle from below.  I love the colors!

Day 25:  Food

There was no way my dinner plate was going to make this shot.  My meals are way too boring so I had to think of something else.  Ah, it’s blueberry season and I always get a few pictures of those so it will do perfectly for my food shot.

Day 26:  Haze

I had in mind to have a hazy lens shot, but one night after a storm, the kudzu had this lovely fog above it.  This picture doesn’t really do it justice, but I tried to capture it anyway.  And it checked of the haze shot for the day.

Day 27:  Patriotic

When thinking of patriotic, I see flags and fireworks.  Luckily it was the perfect week for this shot and the local lake had a row of flags lined up along the walking path.  Perfect timing for a patriotic pic!

And I will leave you all with those for today.  Looking back on them, there were only two that I really liked.  I’ve got more to come though so stay tuned.  🙂

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