Dear Diary 2018: Week 27

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Another week gone and another post to write.  We’ve hit the half way mark for the year folks, and I’ve been keeping up, for the most part.  Besides floating the Buffalo, there wasn’t really too much that stood out about last week.  Just a heads up, my normal daily descriptions might be a little more boring than usual for you all this week.

Monday, July 2nd:  Up and out of the house early to go and pick Blackberries.  That’s been my regular chore these last couple of weeks and with the weather as hot as it’s been, picking early is a must.  After this I was home again.  The boy worked most the day so I cleaned up from the weekend and put laundry away.  Nothing exciting at all.  This afternoon I was able to work on my quilt some and I was kind of tired for the gym so I skipped.  I did feel bad about this as I already knew I’d be missing Tuesday and Wednesday.

Tuesday the 3rd:  Again out at the property to pick blackberries and the boy mowed.  I enjoyed his company while I was there.  It’s still hot, but doing things before ten is bearable.  I met Stephen in Jackson for dinner this evening then we went to our second area bee meeting.  Dinner was good but the bee meeting was boring.  I’m sure there’s bound to be some of those once in a while.  Hoping next month’s will be a little more upbeat.

Wednesday the 4th:  Stephen was off.  We had a slow morning, which was a mistake.  The only thing on the agenda today was to check on bee hives since we weren’t able on Sunday.  I said it’s bearable to be out before ten, that is the truth.  We were out around noon and it was so hot.  These days have been the hottest so far of the summer.  It took a while to look through the hive.  The bees have been pretty active in Hive One and the queen did a pretty good job of hiding from us.  We saw enough evidence to know she’s there though so that was good.  Also today, we sampled the recent barreled batches of wine in the cellar.  This afternoon the three of us went to Jackson for a few hours to find something to do.  We enjoyed our afternoon out then came home to finish the day doing not too much.  I played around with my camera again this evening and got the sparklers out again for some more pictures.  Stephen helped me and I think I took a couple of my favorite pictures of the challenge so far.  When I say ‘helped’ it went a little something like this, “Here, sit down and let me wrap these lights around you.  Then just stay there and drink your glass of wine while I take pictures.”  He’s a good sport and humors me quite often.  ❤

Thursday the 5th:  Back to the rest of the week.  I paid bills this morning and spent a little time online.  Decided I needed to start keeping a to-do list.  My mind was blank.  Had lots of laundry to do, and once again this week I didn’t have to think about dinner.  We met friends in town and it was great getting to see them all during the week.  I made it to the gym the today, and had to leave early because of our dinner plans.  Stephen and I did yard work this evening and if you can’t do yard work early in the day, late is the only other time for me.  We finished just before the rain started and the storm ended up being quite a light show.

Friday the 6th:  Out early again to pick blackberries.  The season is coming to an end and the plants are starting to lose their color.  The blackberries may be coming to an end, but the muscadines are just getting started.

After this I decided to head to Jackson to do my grocery shopping.  I hit Kohl’s first and found a lot on the clearance racks.  Happy day!  It stormed again and of course it had to happen when I had lots to get and didn’t have an umbrella.  Maybe one day I’ll remember to carry it with me.  Dinner was easy, the night was welcomed, and the weather was a little less hot.

Saturday the 7th:  Woke up hot.  The house felt muggy, but it was very nice outside.  So nice we had iced coffee on the front porch.  It was a regular Saturday for us, except with an AC unit that wasn’t working that well.  It was a good thing the weather cooled off some.  Sunday would be the worst of this problem, and thanks to finding an AC service guy that works weekends, we really were only uncomfortable for a few hours.  I say it to myself often, but I’ll say it once here on the blog: I am very thankful for air conditioning here in West TN during the summer months.  🙂

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