Dear Diary 2018: Weeks 29-30

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Just when I thought I was on a roll!  The busiest week of my summer break just happened and instead of blogging, or anything computer related actually, I was just trying to catch up.  When you last heard from me, I had a pulled back muscle.  The week after that I was still taking it easy, but also trying to catch up with what I hadn’t been doing.  Throw in a few trips to the Nashville area and my days have been long and full.  I’ll catch up, and then some, over here this week.  Here I go…

Sunday, July 15th:  Sunday at home with a fixed AC unit.  I had a dress order so I spent my whole day sewing.  It was great!  Only a little stressful there towards the end when a few things started not going right, and I also accidentally cut a hole in the bodice with my serger machine, so that set me back about twenty minutes.  All in all I truly enjoyed the day and the time sewing was wonderful.

Monday, July 16th:  I’ve had my wine on my mind lately, specifically barrel rotation.  I don’t really want them to be empty but I am also running out of my wine supply with which to refill them.  Plus, I’ve got a few barreled batches that probably need bottling and I need bottles.  Off to Nashville I went.  I had a few friends come with me and we made it a nice girls’ day out.  This nice girls’ day out started off on the not so nice side however, when back at home my boy had his first fender bender – in the road in front of the house.  Yes, that means he hit one of my friend’s cars.  Very, very big sigh!  And of course this was on my mind the rest of the day.  All in all the day out was great, and everything seems to have worked out with the fender bender, but I had a lot going on in my head this day.  The boy was pretty upset as well.  It happens, I know, and we’ve gotten over it now.  Everything seems to have worked out.

New Mexican food in Franklin, TN

Tuesday, July 17th –  Thursday, the 19th:  I’m going to condense these days cause they pretty much involved cleaning around the house, yard work at the cabin, and wine bottles to get ready for bottling.  Also, We moved barrels from the cellar and got to taste test a few that we bottled several months back.  No gym at all this week either cause I am really giving my back a break.  The diet is going well though, at least I’m following it.  Can’t say anything about losing any of those few pounds I keep trying to get rid of.  The scale doesn’t seem to move more than two pounds up and down.  Maybe my scale is broken?!!!

Friday, July 20th – Everything is pretty much back to normal for me.  I’ve gotten caught up with the last two weeks of my life and my back is feeling fine.  I’ve been a little more tired than usual, as I haven’t been sleeping as well as usual.  One thing for me about regularly working out, I always sleep well.  When I don’t work out, I tend to toss and turn and my sleep isn’t as good.  Exciting thing about today, we got a couple of cloud cams from Amazon’s prime day specials and I am kind of obsessed with monitoring the garage where we have one set up.  My boy was right about the raccoons that were in there.  They like the cat food better then the cat.  Ha ha!  And we finally saw what Yuki does at home all day when we’re gone: she sleeps and moves from one couch to the next.  That’s exactly what we thought she did.

Saturday, July 21st:  A nice restful day spent with friends and an evening getting ready for lake day.

Sunday, July 22nd:  Lake day!  And I’ve already filled you all in on this here.

Now for week 30, I’ll be brief…

Monday, July 23rd:  Spent the day home doing stuff around here that didn’t get done on Sunday.  Also recouping from lake day.  Back to the gym this evening and we spent a good amount of time on the front porch this night cause the weather was wonderful and it felt like October.

Tuesday, July 24th:  Went out to the property to do stuff over there.  Had wine to sweeten and more wine to rack.  Plus all the cleaning that goes with that.  This was a good part of my day.  Gym tonight, again, and I’m feeling great!

Wednesday, July 25th:  Nashville area for the boy’s dentist appointment.  Took the cousin with us and they spent the morning at the trampoline park.  Had some fun taking pictures afterwards and this evening I was happily surprised to get my first five star review on Etsy.  So exciting, and since I had a sale my stats are up and I’ve ordered more fabric for more dresses.  I am now taking full advantage of my daily to-do list, cause summer break is running out and I’ve got so much I still want to get done.

Thursday, July 26th:  Today the boy got all of his stuff done for Sunday’s school party program.  He had experiments to do and things like that.  I got together what I needed and did my Friday stuff around the house.  This evening I bottled wine from one of the barrels, with my guy’s help, and he set up a spy cam at the cabin.  I really like that thing!

Friday, July 27th:  We had a morning rehearsal of Sunday’s program, then I went and shopped for all that I had left to get for the weekend, and got things ready for Sunday.  I think I am mostly ready and won’t have to do too much Saturday, the night before.

Saturday, July 28th:  Nothing new to report about here.  I did, however, manage to wake up in the middle of the night with a hurt knee.  Am I getting old, or what?  I hyper-extended it, something I occasionally do cause I stand with my knees locked, and it was a little achy Friday.  Tonight it woke me from sleep in pain.  I’m pretty sure trying to do some silly dance move the evening before and the fact that the dog sleeps on my legs at night had something to do with it.  But, I didn’t sleep well at all.  I was tired today!

Sunday, July 29th:  School program, carnival theme, was a success!  And I am going to leave you all with that.  Thanks for reading and I’m sorry, Mom and Dad, for the blogging break.  Now you guys are caught up.  ❤

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