It’s almost noon on a Wednesday and I have time to blog.  What?!  Things have been a little more on the relaxed side this week and that is great.  I couldn’t decide between yard work or housework, and when I couldn’t get the lawn mower to start, my decision was made for me.  The yard work will be there the next time I have the idea to go outside.  So anyway, how has everyone been?  Do I still even have any followers left?  I try not to neglect things over here for so long, but in my free time I am taking naps or trying to catch up on laundry.  I’ve been out of the house at or before 8 almost everyday during the week this month and so a full morning at home is kind of rare.  I expect I will be having a lot more of them soon.

Regular readers will now that I have been MIA because I have been picking and selling muscadines and making wine.  This year was our best crop and the wine making process has been the easiest ever.  I just show up to freshly pressed juice, throw in some sugar, mix up some ingredients, and then wait a week or so and move from one container to the next.  I have high hopes for this year’s wine!  And we have plenty of it so the odds are in our favor…

School has been going on simultaneously, but it’s been in the background for me.  Two days a week of meeting up and most my grading is getting done at that time, so there’s not really anything else to think about with that.  The boy has been working, a lot:  two jobs for now and when he’s home I try and have him do all the little things around there that I am not doing.  It’s been great, but when I am home for more than a few hours, like today, it’s very quiet around here.  I’m not used to not having him around so much yet…

And, that’s about it really.  See, nobody was missing out on anything by not hearing from me.  I am anxious to get back to my normal day to day, which will include blogging and taking pictures.  And I suppose some sewing here and there (I did finish the dress I started at the beginning of the month this last weekend).  My fabric buying self is still alive and well, and even with the recent lack of free time, I have managed to buy five new dresses, and more than that in yards of fabric that should be arriving just as my fall sewing session is ready to begin.

Totally going for a copy cat make with this one.

First on the fall to-do list should be a closet purge.  My new dresses are hanging on the pull-up bar in the doorway to the sewing/computer room as we speak. I did take them outside to get a pic though.  😉

New dresses.

That’s it from me for now.  It’s now almost two hours later – had computer issues with getting my pictures on here and I just about gave up on the post altogether.  Glad I didn’t.  Now you all know what’s been going on.  ❤

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