Dear Diary 2019: Hello September

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Hello, September! Two days in to one of my favorite months, and I couldn’t be happier. A few things have happened since you last heard about my day to day life.  First, I did go ahead and update my theme a little bit over here.  For most, it probably looks the same, I think a lot of readers use iPhones and iPads, but it’s got a less cluttered home page than my last theme had.  I like it, for now anyway.  😉

Then, teaching school started for me.  It’s totally different without my boy.  In a good and a bad way.  I miss him terribly during the day, but picking and selling muscadines and all the running around that goes with that is a lot less stressful for me without having to worry about catching up with his school work afterwards.  I can say, I am actually enjoying a stress free picking season this year so far.

As far as muscadine season goes, mine started last Monday, in the rain.  It had to be done and even with the break between down pours, the drizzly mist was enough to be worthy of rain wear.  I had a slow day that first day of picking by myself in the rain: only 8 gallons and I didn’t even finish a whole row.  Wednesday it picked up with the assistance of my boy – who also happened to have gotten another job that day after picking so I won’t have him during the week anymore for awhile – we got 19 gallons.  Then on Friday, I employed my nephew and the two of us got a whole 31 gallons, that was only half of a row.  Needless to say, we’ve got plenty of grapes this year!  (Muscadines are grapes, right?)

Sunday, Stephen mowed and Ethan, Caleb, and I picked.  We even had our first U-Pickers.  I posted a u-pick it ad with an area school group for this week and got a good interest.  We shall see how that all goes come this Wednesday when it’s my first offical u-pick it day.

That’s the state of the vineyard as of right now.  Stephen and I picked some this morning and I am meeting up with customers this afternoon, so all is well with that part of my life.

I started a new dress after I wrote last.  The top is almost done.  As is my usual dressmaking dilemma, I ran out of thread in the color I needed and haven’t gotten any more yet.  Maybe today.  Then maybe today I can finish it.  Maybe…

That’s all that has been going on in my life.  We didn’t make it to the river the weekend before last, it rained, but hope to find the time to make it up this next weekend before the summer weather goes away.  And that’s about all I have to say for today.  Hope you all enjoy the vineyard pics.  I really do love the way it looks out there this time of the year.  ❤

Oh, and I remembered.  Here’s last month’s 1 Second a Day video from August.  The beginning of the month seemed so long ago now.  Have a great Monday, everyone.

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